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Rural Broadband Connectivity Solutions

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Cellferno Overview

Due to Cellferno’s focus on speed, it can act as a primary internet for areas with poor internet, cellular or NBN service. The coverage area is up to 350m of 2.4Ghz or up to 250m of 5Ghz Wi-Fi coverage, making the Cellferno kit perfect for many farming properties, rural and domestic properties. We have put together a collection of application use cases to demonstrate Cellferno’s ability to deliver the fastest, strongest and most reliable internet coverage to rural properties in Australia.


Cellferno rural application

Rural Property: Narrabri, NSW

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Difficult terrain has seen the owners of this property in Narrabri experience no mobile coverage since first moving in, despite the nearest tower only 7km away. Slow speed satellite internet, with low data limits, has made it very difficult for this family to stay connected.

The Powertec team installed a Cellferno at a high point on the customer’s driveway. This immediately brought the average internet speed up to 70Mbps, with the maximum speed up to 93Mbps, using the Optus network.

Rural Property: Armidale, NSW

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Due to the undulating nature of this property, the signal from the nearby mobile cellular tower has never been able to penetrate, leaving the owners with no coverage on their property. This customer was relying on 3G coverage for data via his modem.

A Cellferno was mounted on a two-metre pole in order to minimise the noise and pick up a strong, clear signal. A very stable 4G 700Mhz signal is now being received by the Cellferno, which is supplying the property with good download speeds, averaging 17Mbps. This is a significant improvement from no 4G coverage.

Cellferno Application: Rural Farmhouse, Bingara NSW

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The occupants of this rural property have historically relied on an unstable satellite connection, with download speeds fluctuating between 0.5Mbps and 5Mbps. The Powertec team assessed the site and developed a solution to dramatically improve broadband connection speeds.

With no line-of-sight to the nearest tower, the Cellferno has been mounted onto a two-metre, ruggedised pole to optimise the signal strength received. After the installation, up to 700Mhz of 4G+ coverage was received by the Cellferno, providing a very stable download speed of 15.45Mbps. This signal strength is sufficient to enable HD streaming and very low ping.

Rural property: Inverell, NSW

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Despite a clear line-of-sight to the nearest cellular tower, the owners of this property were not able to receive more than 15Mbps download speed. The customer considered utilising NBN satellite internet but was impressed with the capabilities of the Cellferno.

The Powertec Team installed the Cellferno device on a two-metre, ruggedised pole and the unit instantly connected to both 1800Mhz and 700Mhz. Cellferno can utilise carrier aggregation to ensure a user receives the strongest, fastest and most reliable signal. After the Cellferno was installed, the owners were receiving an average of 70Mbps, consistently, of download speed. A great result.

For more information about Cellferno, please contact Powertec Telecommunications on 1300 769 378 or visit www.powertec.com.au.

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