Vending Machine Management

Generally, the vending machines are spreading out in many locations. To maintain each machine would cost great time and labor. M1000 Pro invents a Vending Machine Monitor and Report System to undo the problem of machine maintaining.


  • M1000 Pro works as TCP client with any IP (Transparent TCP);
  • Application Server works as TCP server with public fixed IP or public dynamic IP with domain name;
  • M1000 Pro works under always online, maintain the line by Keep-Alive packet, auto re-dial while GPRS dropped;
  • After TCP connection established, which is a bi-directional socket connection. Once the specific circumstances occurred (e.g., when people buy some goods or ran out of goods), M1000 Pro will automatically send data to the server.  After user receives information, user can send some one over to solve the problem. Also user could remote modify the price when needed.