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RoboticsCats Thermal + Smoke Wildfire Detection System in Greece

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RoboticsCats partner Leitek Innovative Solutions installed a new InsightFD early wildfire detection system in Greece with successful test results.


Greece is one of the European countries that suffered most from wildfires in recent years. On 23 July 2018, wildfires started near Kineta (west of Athens) and Penteli (north of Athens) spreading quickly with very strong winds. The fire in Kineta burned houses in the area, while the fire in Penteli headed east towards the beach near Mati. Rescuers found 26 corpses trapped just meters away from the sea, apparently hugging each other as they died. More than 102 people were killed in those series of wildfires in Greece.

Forests comprise 25.4% of the total area of Greece, making it the fourth largest country in Europe with respect to forest resources. The Mediterranean weather makes Greece’s Summer very hot and dry. To mitigate wildfire risk, Neandros, a professional engineering firm that provides services to hotels in Greece, partnered with Leitek Innovation Solutions to provide InsightFD early wildfire detection system.

Neandros will support firefighters in the country to use the InsightFD system to take timely actions to control the fires. The new technology will help them to better protect their forests, tourists and the travel industry from wildfires.

“Greece is similar to Portugal. The summer is green and beautiful and attracts millions of travellers around the world. We want to share our successful wildfire mitigation experiences with our Greek partners” shared by Clelio Leite, CEO of Leitek Innovative Solutions. “The unique dual-detection of InsightFD can identify the smoke generated from the fire and the heat emitted by burning vegetation at far distances. It will help firefighters to make quick and informed decisions.”Robotics Cats Greece

A new InsightFD system was installed in Greece early this year. A controlled burn was conducted recently to test and optimize the system. The fire test was very successful in demonstrating how the InsightFD system automatically detected the wildfire when it was small in its early ignition stage and showed situational visual and thermal images on desktop computers and smartphones.

First responders, either in the wildfire control centre or on the road, will now get real-time wildfire alerts with wildfire images.

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