Retail Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

M2M solutions offer great advantages to the retail industry for both operators and consumers.

M2M Retail Solutions

Operators can set up remote monitoring and process automation to run digital advertising, optimise inventory and ordering procedures, maintenance or even payment services.

On the consumer side, shoppers have real-time information on special offers, inventory levels specifically targeted to their needs and wishes.

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M2M for Signage and Vending Machines

Some of the reliable, easy-to-deploy Retail M2M communication solutions include:

• Digital Signage – Fast, secure and reliable broadband 3G/4G LTE connections to interactive digital advertising systems.
• Kiosk – Secure VPN wireless router & intelligent modem for self-service terminal and vending machine connectivity.

Telemetry systems utilising M2M routers can manage vending machines in offsite and diverse locations. With an M2M solution feeding information on stock levels, out of date produce can be very effective in reducing unnecessary visits. If prices need to change, settings need to be adjusted or kiosks break down, this can also be managed in real time.

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M2M for Gaming and ATM Machines

• Gaming & Lottery – Seamless and fast, secure wireless connection to unleash remote lottery and gaming terminals.
• ATM – Secure and fast wireless connectivity for ATM, and intelligent features to maximise the up time.

The need to cashless payments is growing with the use of mobile phones. In the past it was impossible to install Point Of Sale (POS) devices where telephone lines were not installed – but not any longer. Cashless payment options by using debit or credit cards or your mobile phone can now be installed virtually anywhere with the utilising of M2M products. rooftop solar solutions, our team of experts can assist you to implement solar energy in your wireless connectivity solution.

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