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What this means for you?
Customers are no longer required to complete the online registration on the CEL-FI website, however when they receive a CEL-FI it will require registration using the WAVE App to activate.

Why are we moving to App registration?
• Enables dealers to carry stock on the shelf and buy in quantity with discounts
• Removes the need to complete the registration form each time you order
• It will also be a requirement from the operators to assist in knowing more accurately where CEL-FI’s are located on their network.
• Will assist Powertec with supporting your customers, by enabling us to see more information about the CEL-FI through the WAVE app portal.

When will online applications stop?
We estimate within 4 weeks that we will have the approval from carriers to stop the website application process and then only have the App registration running. This date may be subject to extending.

How does the customer activate the unit?
1. Download the WAVE App from the Apple or Android store
Run the App next to the CEL-FI and it will connect via Bluetooth

GO: Power up GO and connect using WAVE App to register
PRO:  Power up both the network and coverage unit and establish the link between the boxes. Then connect using the WAVE App to register

2. Once connected it will pop up with the registration form to complete. Note this form is much shorter than the original web-based form
3. Complete and submit the form
4. The unit will now be active within 30 seconds

IMPORTANT: Internet access is required to run the WAVE app


Location Lock
New CEL-FI PRO and CEL-FI GO Stationary units will now have location lock enabled. The GO Mobile will not have location lock.

Location lock is a feature that enables operators to have more accurate location information on CEL-FI’s in the network. It basically locks the CEL-FI to a particular location:

• Once the unit is turned on it will start boosting signal and you have a 15 minute window to register before the device will ask you to complete the registration process.
• After 15 minutes the unit will stop boosting unless registered. You can register at any time to activate.
• During the first 32 hours proceeding registration all the cell towers in the area will be added to an internal list and at least one of those towers in the list must always be present
• New towers can be added, as long as one of the original towers is still present
What if a customer moves the CEL-FI GO Stationary or PRO to another location?
Once the unit is moved to a new location it will do a tower scan within 32 hours of continuous operation.
If one of the towers appears in the list then it will continue to work normally and add the new towers.

If all the towers in the list are missing at the new location, then a registration error will appear, and the customer then needs to register the device again at the new location.

What if internet is not available at the customer location to use WAVE?
• Registration can be done at another location where your phone has internet access. Eg your office before doing the install or a town near the customer
• You can then install at the customers location
• Over 32 hours of being powered up there is a gestation period where all the towers will be added to an internal list.
• As long as the unit is at the customers premises within the 32 hour gestation period, then it will not need to be registered again.

Eg. Unit is registered at an office in Sydney and powered off (has 31.9hrs left). It is taken to a remote community with no internet seven days later and installed at the customers premises. It will not need to be registered again.

If you need to register the unit for a customer in the office because no internet is at their location of they are not tech savvy then the new WAVE registration will only take around 3 minutes to do.

What CEL-FI GO Packs Will Change?
Due to location lock the GO Stationary can no longer be used for moving applications. As a result our marine and caravan packs will now have a GO Mobile unit included (instead of a GO Stationary).

How will my customers know to register CEL-FI with WAVE?
The first thing they see when they open the box is a STOP: You must register’ leaflet. We will also put other methods in place soon to ensure the message is not missed.

Isn’t the Mobile Unit 70dB gain vs 100dB of gain on the Stationary Unit?
Yes this is true, 70dB is still a very large amount of gain to boost up the weakest of signals. When comparing with overseas repeaters, most offer around 50dB of gain and the high end units offer 70dB of gain. We are confident your customers will be happy with the performance at 70dB gain.

Will existing units our in the field be affected by WAVE registration?
No, existing units will not be affected, and customers will not be required to register them again at this stage.


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