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All your questions answered regarding the ongoing refarming of the 2100 band. The carriers are currently in the process of re-farming their 3G 2100 band to 4G 2100. Basically, they are switching it from 3G to 4G to improve capacity on 4G.

This re-farming will affect Vodafone customers using certain Matrix gateway products.

Will the operators still have 3G available?

Yes, 3G 900 will continue to operate on the Optus and Vodafone networks, 3G 850 will continue to operate on Telstra.

When will this re-farming of 2100 occur?

Vodafone are doing this now, Telstra plan on switching in March/April 2019 and Optus are yet to announce any changes.

How will this affect Matrix 3G Gateways?

The GFX11 3G, GFX11E 3G and GFX44 3G support 3G 850/2100, they do not support 3G 900.

For customers on Telstra this should not affect them, the units will function on 3G 850.

For Optus customers, thereshould not be any affect, unless Optus plan to refarm 3G 2100 in the future.

For customers on Vodafone, the units will not continue to operate.

What can Vodafone Customers do?

They can switch the sim cards to Optus or Telstra, long term we recommend they use the Telstra network.
We also have the 2N Easygate PRO 3G Gateway with Battery Backup is available that supports all 3G bands on Vodafone. (GTP-2N-00003). 4G Matrix gateways are expected to be available on the market in the third quarter of 2019.

Does this affect any other Matrix products?

No, all other Matrix gateway products are not affected other than the three models above.

What analog gateway product should new customers buy if they are on the Vodafone network?

We recommend customers purchase the 2N Easygate PRO 3G Gateway with Battery Backup that supports all 3G bands on Vodafone. (GTP-2N-00003)

For more information call Powertec Telecommunications on (07) 5577 0500, email: sales@powertec.com.au or visit www.powertec.com.au

Vodafone starts re-purposing 2100 MHz spectrum to 4G

Work to continue through 2019.

Vodafone Australia is starting to re-farm metropolitan 2100 MHz spectrum currently used for 3G services to its 4G network. Spectrum reallocation has already started in the Australian Capital Territory, and work is set to start in NSW from March 18.

Vodafone said in a statement that “Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia [are] to follow throughout 2019.”

The telco said the reallocation would bring “improved 4G services and capacity to more than two million local customers.” Access delivery networks general manager Tom Joynson said the change was needed to keep pace with 4G growth and data usage.

“More than 90 percent of our mobile customers use the 4G network with 4G data usage across our network increasing by 58 percent during 2018,” he said.

“Once the upgrade work is complete in each state, we will be delivering even better service to more than 90 percent of Vodafone’s mobile subscribers across Australian metro areas.”

Vodafone said that once the upgrades were finished, however, that some customers using handsets compatible only with 3G 2100 MHz spectrum would need to upgrade.

“A small number of older mobile devices that are only compatible with 3G 2100MHz spectrum won’t work when the spectrum becomes part of the 4G network,” the telco said.

“We encourage those customers to get in touch with us before the work begins to ensure there is no interruption to their service.” Other telcos are performing similar reallocations.Telstra will shut off 3G services operating in the 2100 MHz band on March 25.

“Only a tiny proportion of Telstra’s mobile traffic is currently using the 2100 MHz spectrum, which has always been a supporting capacity layer,” Telstra said last year. “Over time, we have seen more and more customers using Telstra’s 4GX service to ensure greater coverage, network reliability and consistently fast speeds.

“By re-purposing the 2100 MHz spectrum from 3G to 4GX, Telstra is increasing capacity to where there is greater customer demand.”

Vodafone still runs 3G services for metro and regional areas in the 900 MHz. Telstra also runs 3G services in 850 MHz spectrum.

Original article posted 11 March 2019, 9:37am on itnews.com.au. Words by Ry Crozier https://www.itnews.com.au/news/vodafone-starts-re-purposing-2100-mhz-spectrum-to-4g-520361

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