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Powertec’s Announces Latest Product UR35 FXS

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UR35 Standard Model with WiFi 1

Powertec is excited to announce its latest product, Ursalink UR35 FXS. This product is available exclusively from Powertec to its Australiasian market.

This product includes a unique voice-port feature, making UR35 FXS ideal for marine applications. It also can serve as a solution for emergency applications and remote offices where landline infrastructure is not available, or new NBN lines are not suitable.

The UR35 series is an industrial-grade 4G LTE cellular router with a 5-port Ethernet interface for mission-critical communications. Featured with multiple network protocols and VPN tunnels, it provides secure and reliable solutions for a range of M2M/IoT deployments.

Product manager, Paul Boyce says the UR35 FXS is comparable with several routers in the industry, including currently stocked brands such as Teltonika.

“Ursalink UR35 FXS is a unique product, priced competitively and has stood out against competing products in our internal testing. It is a great alternative product in the same solution category for our dealers to choose from.”

“The UR35-FXS can simultaneously connect several sensors and devices to a single remote monitoring station. Applications such as pedestrian, vehicle and environmental traffic monitoring are excellent use case examples to demonstrate the UR35 capabilities.”

“We have been particularly looking forward to introducing the UR35-FXS, due to its ability to make and receive calls through the mobile network’s voice channel using VoLTE or 3G voice. We are very excited to see this product introduced to the Australiasian market. It has DTMF support for alarm systems and tone applications.”

General Manager, Samantha Clifton, says industries such as mining and construction present employers with significant health and safety concerns and Powertec aims to solve this.

“The introduction of our latest product to Powertec’s portfolio has a multitude of applications. This product will enable the digital transformation of high-risk industries, where critical communications are essential for worker’s health and safety.”

“Ursalink UR35-FXS’s ability to act as an alternative or back-up connectivity solution makes it an ideal option. It uses the available cellular signal to allow users to make and receive calls. Resulting in reduced communication downtime between workers in emergency situations.”

“This voice router offers scalability and opens companies to implementing further connectivity solutions, such as IoT sensors.”

Coming soon! Ursalink UR75-5G, featuring the latest and fastest cellular technology – 5G, UR75 is not only an intelligent industrial IoT router but also an unrivalled wireless networking solution. Click here to register your interest today! 

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