NBN Fixed Wireless Non-Standard Installation – Extending NBN

We have heard from a lot of customers lately complaining that the NBN has stopped annoyingly short of their home or property.  It’s like excitedly waiting for a present that just doesn’t show up.  This means that an NBN Fixed Wireless Standard Installation is not on the cards for you. You can explore other options, one of these is NBN Sky Muster Satellite Broadband but another option you might like to look at is an NBN Fixed Wireless Non-Standard Installation.

There are steps that need to be taken by the householder in order to get approval for your non-standard installation so you will need to be in contact with both the NBN and your own Supplier/Installer to coordinate the efforts.  It is possible that your own installer may do much of this work on your behalf.

The first step is for NBN to change your address to Service Class 5.  This means it is serviceable by fixed wireless.

The steps are as follows:

  • End User to contact NBN to determine that their site successfully meets requirements for a NBN Fixed Wireless Non-Standard Installation.
  • NBN changes premise to Service Class 5 “serviceable by fixed wireless”. Once the change is made it can take up to 48 hours to show on the NBN internal system.
  • NBN advises End user to contact their preferred phone & internet provider requesting to raise a New Order for a non-standard Installation
  • Provider will raise New Order with special instructions mentioning that it’s a non-standard type order
  • NBN receives Order and forward to our Delivery Partner schedule appointment
  • Installer attends end user’s premise and discuss the additional civil work required to be carried out for a non-standard installation
  • End User agrees to perform the civil work at their own expense.
  • End User completes civil work required for the non-standard installation and advises the NBN delivery partner
  • The NBN Installer attends site and successfully completes a non-standard installation

In a nutshell a NBN Fixed Wireless Non-Standard Installation means the householder must prepare the structure for the NBN Installer to connect as if it was a Standard NBN Fixed Wireless Installation. The NBN technician must not do any additional work outside their normal remit (including climbing large masts) and the householder must bare all the cost for the extra civil work undertaken.

NBN Non-Standard Installation Site Selection

We recommend that you speak to your own expert installer before the NBN representative attends your property (step 6) especially if you believe your terrain will be difficult (ie includes hills, valleys, trees) as obstructions will affect their review and may need to be fixed before the visit. Ideally installation sites should be within line of sight of where you want the service to be supplied.  This is not always possible due to immovable terrain and a number of bridges may be necessary.

Sites over 80 meters would be looking at a solar or wind powered Wi-Fi set-up while those closer could utilise trenches and underground cables.

Solar Wi-Fi Systems

A solar (or even wind) powered system for your NBN Fixed Wireless Non-Standard Installation would comprise of the following components.

  • Mast Tower
  • Solar Panels with mounting clamps
  • 12VDC 120ah Battery
  • 2 x Altai C1an – one placed on site and the other placed on your house. The Altai Super Wifi CPE/AP is an essential component used to extend outdoor Wi-Fi coverage into indoor areas for broadband connectivity. It can be installed exactly where the throughput is required to boost up and provides greater flexibility and cost savings to Wi-Fi deployments.

Your PowertecWifi reseller will supply and install the components you need within a cabinet to make it a simple installation for the NBN Technician.

The final choice of Wi-Fi hardware will ultimately depend on the distance the link must transmit. The Altai C1an uses less power than alternative products which is of great importance when using solar power.

Why Choose Us?

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Getting Started and Extending your NBN is a simple 3-step process

Consultation – Call us to organise a FREE no obligation phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Site Survey – We brief our trained reseller who makes contact with you to understand the vital aspects of coverage, capacity, security and redundancy. A site survey will take into account your existing network and future demands.

Installation – You could be up and running within days.  Most installations of Wi-Fi networks take up to two days with our authorised installers working with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Our authorised network installers around Australia will work with your staff to ensure minimal disruption to your business. We aim to empower your staff to manage the network once we have completed the design.

Contact Us Today about your NBN Fixed Wireless Non-Standard Installation Options

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