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15 May, 2018 – Powertec Telecommunications P/L (Powertec) and Rayven.io today announced their partnership to couple their connectivity solutions expertise with data capture and analytics services to offer regional and remote business an end-to-end tracking and operational efficiency solution.

Industrial and farming businesses are experiencing a burning need to improve efficiency by using new technologies.  The partnership brings together connectivity, data science, data storage, security, system integration and more, to allow rural business to harness field data collected via sensors to increase their profits and yield, lower their cost of operations and maximise up-time.

Rayven CEO Jared Oken said, “Rural and remote communities particularly can benefit from new technologies that connect their existing hardware and supply them with meaningful data.  Without connectivity nothing can happen. We will leverage Powertec’s connectivity infrastructure and experience to support growth in regional businesses.”

“Powertec is delighted to partner with Rayven. Once reliable network connectivity is established, our client’s focus quickly turns to data and the insights it can provide. Rayven specialises in rapidly proving the value of real-time data insights to support better decision making. That is what will give rural business a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.” stated Geoff Carroll, Networks Engineer for Powertec.

About Powertec Telecommunications

Powertec Telecommunications is a solutions provider and distributor of carrier grade mobile coverage and end to end wireless solutions, specialising in connectivity infrastructure, network management, wireless backhaul, access networks and devices for the Internet of Everything. Powertec works closely with their Australian and New Zealand-wide distribution channel of communication experts and installers.

Visit Powertec Telecommunications website at www.powertec.com.au

About raven.io

Rayven is an industrial data solution for forward thinking businesses. We combine ‘Internet of Things’ technology, data science and subject matter expertise to solve industry-specific problems. Our rapid prototyping approach is the simplest, most affordable way to launch custom data projects – helping businesses uncover new insights and achieve business-changing outcomes.

Visit the rayven.io website at www.rayven.io.

For more information contact:

Samantha Clifton

Marketing Manager

Powertec Telecommunications Pty Ltd

Phone: 07 5577 0500

Email: samantha.clifton@powertec.com.au


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