Industries working within Utilities and Energy have adopted M2M with a passion that is making for exciting moves forward with transformative outcomes expected.

By utilising M2M Energy technology along with clever data analysis the industry players in Australia are taking their place alongside the colleagues around the world by driving forward cost reductions, and efficiencies in process.

There are two main areas gaining benefits as M2M Energy efficiencies are rolled out:

1. Internal Work Process Improvements

With the introduction of M2M, smart networks comes better forecasting of loads and demand – allowing for planning and more efficient use of resources.  Sensor data collected via M2M products is being collected and utilised to improve productivity and distribute resources with greater efficiency.

Remote monitoring and surveillance is the leading opportunity with M2M use – specifically to reduce risks for staff, to eliminate the need for manual work and increase process efficiencies.

The environment is also a winner with research and data analysis being able to be done at much reduced costs via M2M and introduction.

m2m energy 1

m2m energy

2. Consumer Improvements

Manually monitoring consumer meters is set to be a thing of the past.  Smart M2M Energy grids comprising of smart meters sending signals to the sector operators with information on residential demands and demand trends.  While adoption will take some time, consumers will eventually come to the realisation that smart houses that know when you are out and can reduce your utility costs are also of benefit to the operators as populations grow and energy resources become scarce. More efficient use of our resources is of benefit to all.

Some of the reliable, easy-to-deploy M2M communication solutions for utility assets include:

  • Commercial & industrial metering – Rugged and cost-effective intelligent wireless connectivity solution for real-time automatic meter reading.
  • Distribution Automation – Secure and reliable wireless connectivity solution for mission-critical distribution automation systems.
  • Renewable Energy – Easy-to-deploy and secure, reliable wireless solution for all types of renewable energy system.
  • Energy Sufficiency – Cost-effective, easy-to-integrate wireless solution for smart energy management system.

M2M Energy

Renewable M2M Energy – Solar and Wind

Solar and wind farms are general located in remote locations so management and everyday processing is in itself a change.  The introduction of M2M technologies is a simple cost-effect option to monitoring and managing data off site and to maximise the energy production by the devices.  Alongside monitoring, M2M technologies allow maintenance to be addressed in real-time if there is mechanical failure.

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