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Powertec IoT: Automatic Gate and Door Sensor

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Do you need to know the status of a gate or door on your property, even if you are offsite? The myinsight.io automatic gate and door sensor offers a unique set of functions to improve visibility on your property as well as save your time and money.

The sensor feeds information to a central dashboard which allows the user to view the status of all gates and doors on their property. Remote management control is an additional function of this IoT product; allowing the user to open or close a gate via the dashboard remotely.

Gate/ Door Sensor Applications

The myinsight.io gate and door sensor have a multitude of applications across all industries including public spaces, agribusiness, shopping centres, parking management and manufacturing.

The sensors can be attached to all types of gates, fire doors, swing doors and sliding doors. They can be used in conjunction with access control to automate livestock or staff access.

gate status dashboard


The myinsight.io Gate Sensor Kit uses a magnetic reed switch to detect and alert if a gate or doorway has been left open.

The Gate Sensor uses a durable aluminium contact plate and stainless-steel armoured cable designed for rough handling on the farm and uses in manufacturing environments. Installation is simple, with the sensor mounting on any flat surface.


Featuresmyinsight gate sensor

  • Detect gate status at 50 mm distance
  • Armoured cable for harsh environments
  • 107 x 44x 12 mm magnetic contact
  • Water-resistant for outdoor installation
  • 6 Volt 2-watt solar power kit & connectivity module


Importance of Connectivity for IoT

Without reliable connectivity Internet of Things, the application will not work. This is a common issue, especially in regional and rural areas. Unreliable connectivity prevents businesses from taking advantage of efficiencies and new technologies. Powertec is experts in connectivity and has been for 25 years.

If you are planning to make an IoT investment in your business, talk to Powertec today for the best product to suit your project. Call (07) 5577 0500 Australia or (09) 951 6205 New Zealand or visit our website www.powertec.com.au www.powertec.co.nz

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