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Reduce Costs with Smart Farming

The global population worldwide is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050; to feed this many people, the agricultural sector must embrace Internet of Things (IoT). The way forward for farmers is to adopt smart farming solutions that not only help to improve efficiency, reduce processing costs, and improve yield, but also address other challenges generated by agriculture.

Agricultural IoT solutions help to monitor everything from one mobile point – on or off your farm.

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Real Time Monitoring of Crops is an Internet of Things based, feature-rich, open-source platform that can be used across multiple devices. Built to monitor the crop field with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc.), from anywhere, anytime, the application helps farmers to enhance productivity, reduce waste, grow food cleanly and meet the ever-increasing demand for food.

Monitor your water use based on upcoming weather forecasts and soil characteristics to reduce water consumption and avoid watering when unnecessary. Monitor soil for moisture and nutrients; control water use; determine fertiliser requirements based on soil makeup; and schedule planting and harvesting, as well as basic reporting of weather conditions.

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Internet of Things for Agribusinesses

Our smart farming application brings together different sensors, connected devices and farming facilities for resource mapping and data analytics to provide 24/7 visibility into soil conditions, machinery in use, crop health, animal behavior, livestock tracking, storage conditions, energy consumption level, and highly transparent farming.

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Monitoring Livestock and Fertilisers

Use the application to monitor and measure health of stock, locate cattle and generate data to help buyers and sellers.

Monitor your pregnant livestock by sensors that send you notifications of the exact time of birth.

Manage and efficiently buy feed, fuel or fertilisers and ensure that you are never out of stock. Gain insights into weather conditions to optimise production of crops and schedule farm activity like cropping, picking etc.

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Monitoring Farm Equipment

Check the status of your generator or control its settings from your office PC or mobile phone. With, you can monitor the temperatures of agricultural conveyor belts to prevent dust fires and explosions. Receive data that will allow you to optimise all parts of your farm for its best usage including digital farm maps, crop surveillance, and soil management.

Plug a sensor into the diagnostic port of your farm vehicle and start measuring and logging all the data from your machinery. Access information that allows you to pinpoint any problems occurring with your assets in the field.

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