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Powertec Connects Norco Co-operative Limited Milk Factory

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Company Profile

First formed in 1895, Norco is one of Australia’s last and only 100% Australian farmer-owned dairy co-operative. The co-operative is made up of mostly second and third generation Aussie dairy farmers, working to support their families and their communities. Over Norco’s 124-year history they have learnt to be adaptive to the ever-changing landscape in which they operate.

Norco products feature on the shelves of many supermarket retailers nationwide. Their portfolio includes butter, cheese, white milk, flavoured milk, cream and custards. In addition, they operate 30 Rural Retail Stores that stretch down the eastern coast of Australia from Bundaberg in Queensland to Newcastle in New South Wales. For more information visit their website – www.norco.com.au

Business needs

Norco identified a more efficient way to manage the day-to-day activities within their Gold Coast factory; moving to a paperless system. Unfortunately, due to the building materials and its design, the Telstra signal is currently not able to penetrate or be distributed within the building. This has brought Norco’s paperless transition project to a halt.

Norco’s General Manager reached out to Powertec partner, Azentro for a solution to this signal problem. The Powertec team along with Kore Communications made multiple site visits to determine the scope of the project.

Products Used:

• 8 x CEL-FI GO Stationary for Telstra
• 3 x Internal Blackhawk antennas
• 22 x Internal Mars antennas
• 4x External Blackhawk LPDA antennas


• Strategically position CEL-FI units and antennas to enhance the intermittent signal within the Norco factory to allow for a paperless transition
• IP rated installation process due to cold temperatures within the factory

The Solution For Norco

After two site visits to the Norco factory, Powertec’s expert installer drafted a design to improve the intermittent Telstra signal. Four clusters, consisting of two Telstra CEL-FI GO’s, were positioned in the front office, storage office, maintenance area and Parmalat lab. These clusters supplied signal to all the key production areas:

·      Vendor Pick Up

·      Packaging Floor

·      Blow Mould area

·      Pasteurising area

·      Storage and powder rooms

·      Staff lunchroom

·      Workshop floor

·      Laboratory

·      Milk Processing

·      Freezer room


Norco CEL-FI Cluster in storage area

The Norco install was successfully tested using a video chat call. The call started in the lab area and proceeded throughout the factory and ending in the freezer and

storage areas with no signal loss or call dropouts. A detailed report was also supplied, including data and statistics on the significant signal improvements in each key area.

Business Benefits

By enabling a more efficient mobile connection option, time management has improved significantly. The improved 3G and 4G signal across all areas of the factory now allow Norco factory staff to record and share real-time data.

The improved signal is also a fantastic benefit for workers onsite health and safety. Communication with delivery drivers and other external partners is now simple and efficient – a great improvement on their previous situation, resulting in a very happy customer.



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