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Powertec Connecting People to Assist with Mental Health

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#mental health warriors

Connectivity in our society has become essential for day-to-day life. We can now access a plethora of services via cellular and wi-fi connections, from social media to the internet of things and now mental health services.

This is no news to Australian company Powertec Telecommunications, who have this year partnered with a local mental health service company, VirtualPsychologist.

Powertec’s main goal is to see everyone connected, no matter where they are, particularly rural and regional communities. This company goal aligns well with VirtualPsychologist, who have been campaigning to spread the importance of mental health support via text messaging and other messaging apps.

VirtualPsychologist state that 60% of people who use their text services report they would not have reached out for any psychological help if SMS counselling had not been available. This powerful statistic highlights just how important connectivity can be for all Australians.

Australian mobile networks are constantly expanding with new areas gaining coverage every day however there will always be black spots that will require the CEL-FI Smart Cellular Signal Repeaters.

Founder and CEO, Raymond Smith says the products Powertec Telecommunications offers are the only generally available legal solution, are intelligent, reliable and durable for optimal connectivity and best possible performance.

“CEL-FI PRO is a plug and play device, providing indoor mobile coverage up to 900m2. It is ideal for home and office use and can be installed by anyone

CEL-FI GO is a cabled device for custom building, vehicle and marine applications, providing coverage for larger areas (depending on the antenna utilised),” says Raymond.

CEL-FI signal repeaters are a great way to help connect those in need to access the life-changing services offered by VirtualPsychologist.

VirtualPsychologist Founder and CEO, Dervla Loughnane is encouraging all Australians to become a part of the solution and help to connect people who would normally not engage in mainstream mental health services.

“For some people, their anxiety around picking up the phone or sitting face to face with a professional is just too great. You can make a difference by joining the #mentalhealthwarrior movement and providing these people with an alternative solution to seeking help.”

Get connected today!

Contact Powertec on (07) 5577 0500 or visit www.powertec.com.au for more information. To find out more about VirtualPsychologist visit www.virtualpsychologist.com.au or start accessing services today, text: 0488 807 266.

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