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The Frustration of Poor Indoor Mobile Signal

There is nothing more frustrating than having poor home mobile reception despite knowing that there is ample coverage outside – but it’s a clear indication that your house itself may be the culprit.

Unfortunately when houses are constructed, mobile coverage is rarely considered – and the materials that insulate best and provide the most structural strength can often be the worst offenders causing reduced indoor coverage. Housing materials that affect the indoor signal by reflecting and absorbing the RF (Radio Frequency) can include foil backed insulation, Poor indoor mobile signalmetal/tin/Colorbond roofing, garage roller doors, concrete, brick and copper wiring.

Window tinting is often responsible for reflecting the RF signal away from where you want it and most recently we came across a case where mesh security screens were installed on windows and doors, instantly blocking the mobile signal.  And resulting in one very unhappy family!

The Solution is Easy

But thankfully, where there is a signal present outdoors, it’s usually not difficult to resolve this type of blackspot issue.  And it will cost a lot less than replacing your beloved tin roof or opening up your house to criminals by deciding not to install security screening.

A solution is the CEL-FI or the CEL-FI PRO unit.  It is designed to amplify the mobile signal from outside and disburse it within a home or office.

How it Works

You only need 1 bar of *signal for the CEL-FI to provide indoor coverage.  For residents with no bars or an intermittent one bar of signal (maybe terrain is also an issue) then CEL-FI can still be used but with an external antenna and a cable running to the repeater unit.

The device is supplied as two boxes, the larger box sits where you receive your 1 bar of signal.  The smaller box sits within your house ideally 20 metres away – the further apart the better but each scenario is different. Both boxes are power point plug in and they talk to each other wirelessly.

The CEL-FI provides up to 100dB signal gain (for those not technical, that’s about 30 x the power of standalone antennas) and provides a coverage bubble of around 900m2.  This means that it’s possible to amplify the signal over a 2 storey house or even an office block.

Each CEL-FI is locked to a carrier – there are versions available for each.  It also supports up to 25 callers at the same time using the amplified signal.

CEL-FI Is Legal

The CEL-FI Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by the carriers for use on

their Networks.  It is legal and this is a VERY important point.  It is the ONLY retail product available in Australia and New Zealand that is approved.

Illegal models abound and their claims are misleading so take care. Not only do you set yourself up for a large fine (up to $250,000 in some cases), you could negatively impact the reception of other households around you, and it could be you who shuts down the local tower for an entire suburb – which has been known to happen.  The worst case scenario is an illegal repeater impacting on someone urgently needing emergency services, resulting in death.

The basic rule of thumb is not to purchase from any website without a “.com.au”.  But, if anyone (except your carrier) offers you anything other than a CEL-FI, your red flag should go up.


What About Your Situation?

CEL-FI is sold and installed by experienced Dealers all around Australia.  To receive more information about this product and to find a knowledgable dealer who can assist you with your own particular situation including antenna options and set-up, then let us know your contact details below.  We will have a local expert contact you to see whether they can help you with your own poor signal.

So yes it is possible to have ample mobile coverage outside and poor indoor signal – but there is also a solution.

Will the CEL-FI Work for You?

As everyone’s house is different, from construction materials to outside environment, there are also different solutions. Some people will need a specific type of antennas, where others will need assistance to optimise the final solution. Speak to an expert in your local area and get a CEL-FI solution that works for you.

NEW Improving Mobile Coverage – a Solution for Vehicles

Good things do come in small packages. CEL-FI GO is a 3G/4G mobile signal amplifier that provides up to 70dB of signal gain – over 30x more powerful than a standard antenna and car cradle set-up. The Mobile Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Mobile Network.  It is designed to dramatically boost voice quality and increase data speeds for moving vehicle applications (including boats, caravans, and 4WD’s).

Simply install* CEL-FI GO inside your vehicle and enjoy having great 3G or 4G mobile reception.  No longer will you need to stop, or drive to a particular spot to make and take calls. Your CEL-FI GO can be configured to improve mobile coverage for all types of vehicles from cars to trucks, to farm machinery and caravans, all with a change of antenna.

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