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Planning domestic travel and need to stay in touch on the go?

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Australia and New Zealand are you ready for your next domestic travel adventure? Get your rig ready with Powertec’s premium range of products and solutions suitable for all vehicle types.

Blackhawk Antennas

Designed to work flawlessly with CEL-FI GO mobile phone repeaters, our Blackhawk cellular antennas offer superior performance, maximum range, durability, and reliability.

Blackhawk Antennas are premium grade, quality tested and ideal for all environments. Suitable for a variety of cellular solutions, including domestic and commercial applications. You can be confident that Blackhawk Antennas will get you connected. Not sure which antenna you need? Find out how to choose the right antenna here.

Popular Blackhawk Antennas:


Blackhawk Yagi Antenna

Blackhawk Trucker Edge Antenna

Blackhawk LPDA Antenna

Blackhawk Omni Antenna


Cellferno: Super Fast Broadband Internet

Take your super-fast internet with you on the go! Cellferno is an excellent option for recreational vehicle owners, especially those planning to travel for extended periods. Take your work with you knowing you have a reliable internet connection to answer emails, contact clients or stay in touch with friends and family.

You can mount Cellferno externally, on your campervan or caravan roof. Users then simply need a to insert a compatible SIM card, with a mobile data plan of their choice and Cellferno is ready to go. Read more about Cellferno here

Cellferno Kits

Cellferno M600

Cellferno M1200

·        Cellferno M600 LTE CAT6 Kit

·        CAT6 – speeds up to 300Mbsp

·        2 band carrier aggregation

·        Cellferno M1200 LTE CAT12 Kit

·        CAT12 – speeds up to 600Mbps

·        3 band carrier aggregation


Ignite your mobile broadband internet, shop the Cellferno range today!

CEL-FI GO: Stay Connected When You’re On The Go!

CEL-FI GO is the ultimate domestic travel companion. Ensure you stay in contact with friends and family while you travel the Big Lap. Read how the Malloy Family, from the Gold Coast, used CEL-FI to manage their business remotely while travelling around Australia with their children, click here to read their story.

CEL-FI GO can amplify the available LTE/HSPA mobile signal and increase your data speeds dramatically. Email, internet, video and social networking speeds can achieve up to 4x improvement.

Using a CEL-FI GO, your indoor and outdoor mobile signal should be high, and the battery life of your device will be extended to allow you to work, talk and play longer.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

If you are not 100% happy with the performance of this product, it can be returned within 30 days after purchase for a full refund minus any shipping charges. Terms and conditions apply. Find Out More.

A 2-Year Warranty covers CEL-FI GO

Our goods and services come with guarantees. A 2-year warranty covers CEL-FI GO. Powertec wants to ensure you can enjoy your product for many years with trouble-free ownership so you can choose to extend this warranty by 1, 2 or 3 years.

Get connected today with CEL-FI GO, Shop the product range today!

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