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Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa – A Wi-Fi Upgrade

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Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa can be found near sleepy suburb Willow Vale as you travel past the scenic ridge through the Gold Coast Hinterland. The prime location showcases amazing views of the coastal flats punctuated by the Gold Coast skyline. Reviews on Trip Advisor rightly use words like “tranquil” and “magical” in describing this retreat and very little could detract from the luxury and relaxed ambiance.

But General Manager Kevin Gong has a business to run and whilst 5 star rated, the remote location, the large number of individual villas and the 50 acre size of the property caused problems for staff, guests and conference delegates wishing to access a 5 star Hotel WiFi connection.

Business Needs

The office internet was supplied via ADSL, but the speed was poor (max 1Mbps download and 150Kbps upload) as the business is at the limit of the exchange resulting in slow internet speed. The property consists of two main building separated by 250 metres with no connectivity between except for telephone extensions. Guests had limited or no access to Wi-Fi at all.

General Manager Kevin wanted to improve connectivity for staff plus connect the two buildings and provide guests with various options for Wi-Fi connectivity depending on their use of the property – whether day spa guests, or short or long stay guests of the retreat.

The Solution

The Altai Super Wifi C1n was selected as it was able to provide coverage and penetration through the villas from the outside. With the furthest villas at around 150metres line of sight from the access points we achieved complete coverage throughout the resort and surrounding pathways.

The C1n can be configured as a Wi-Fi access point for local coverage, a repeater for extending Wi-Fi coverage from an AP or Station mode, similar to a small bridge. With a range of up to 600 metres these access points are premium products.  Five of these weatherproof units were situated throughout the retreat creating a seamless network.

The Netcomm HS1200 provided the web portal for Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa to cater for the differing guest Wi-Fi offerings from 1 hour free to all spa guests, to free service for longer term guests with the inclusion of their email address.  The web portal is also able to be customised by the business to reflect their branding and is flexible enough to update with offers and information to guests.

The VSDL modems allow up to 100Mbps Ethernet to travel across 1 pair of plain old telephone cable up to 1.6 kilometres in distance. These work similarly to ADSL and have a filter that separates the analogue phone and data. This allowed us to connect the buildings with Ethernet using an existing analogue phone extension off the customers PBX in place of a wireless link.


Products Used

  • 5 x Altai Super Wifi C1n
  • 1 x Netcomm HS1200 hotspot/billing system/ticket printer
  • 2 x Ethernet over VDSL modems


Business Benefits

The final solution resulted in a robust network across the retreat for management, staff and guests. The retreat can now offer free limited or paid premium Wi-Fi access to guests and promote its conference facilities. New POS terminals, extended CCTV and a new Wi-Fi based Push to talk 2 way radio system can be implemented allowing efficient cost effective communications between management and staff.


General Manager Kevin said “I was impressed by the quick and professional response of Powertec and am delighted with the end result of full Wi-Fi access for our staff, valued guests and conference delegates.”

As part of the process to improve venue hotel WiFi, Ruffles also needed to upgrade their internet service.

Powertec provides full network design