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NEW: Sensor Connectivity Module with LoRa, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT

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Providing low power options for connectivity to sensors

This revolutionary product allows the installation of sensor networks using Wi-Fi, LoRa, and/or NB-loT. The low power design provides not only access to LoRa, the latest in long range communications technology, but also provides power options depending on the application and the most cost-effective outcome for the user.

It has the advantage of providing a combination of different methods of data transfer within the one module, with built in failover for sensor networks.

The device allows you to deploy a range of sensors to divert data back to a cloud or on-premise dashboard. 

It is able to be retro fitted or customised to any sensor in the marketplace, taking advantage of the most economical forms of data transfer.

There is no complex set-up, with all your communication variants included in the one Connectivity Module.

The myinsight.io Connectivity Module covers as standard the approved frequencies for Australia and NZ. The Connectivity Module has been designed, built and manufactured by the Powertec lo T Division of Powertec Telecommunications P/L. Patent pending

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