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Powertec Telecommunications constantly strives to innovate and implement best practice to ensure high-quality projects are delivered to customers. The initial decision to implement a new standard in connectors across all corporate CEL-FI projects was made with improved workplace health and safety as the main goal. Though CEL-FI is not officially classed as DAS (Distributed Antenna System) equipment, Powertec has made the decision to align as close to the DAS standard as possible for installs and equipment. This will assist Powertec and its partners to be considered by the industry as credible,  professional and able to deliver quality installations.

Industry testing indicates that CEL-FI installations that comply with DAS requirements show significant performance improvement. Implementation will ensure that all end-users receive carrier-grade service from the install.

Powertec Telecommunications offers both complete turnkey and custom CEL-FI solutions to suit almost any environment. Our sales and project management team are available to conduct site surveys to design each solution to ensure your building receives a significant increase in mobile phone signal. These custom designs are ideal for multi-storey buildings, warehouses, retail shopping centres, hospitals and medical centres and other large-format buildings.

New Connector Standards

The 4.3/10 and 7-16 connector are the allowed types for cable and RF components for DAS installs. The 4.3/10 is the newer of the two and we plan to move to this connector in 2020 for our DAS installs. This includes cable connectors, splitters, combiners, directional couplers and Hybrid Couplers. Home and SMB CEL-FI installs will remain with the SMA or N-type connector for now. CEL-FI has an SMA connector so will never be completely DAS compliant.

 Connector TypeDAS LocationStandard
7-16All PortsDIN 47223
4.3-10All PortsIEC 61169-54
N-TypeNot AllowedNot Allowed
Inter-series coaxial adaptersNot AllowedNot Allowed
OtherSubject to Lead Carrier directionTo Be Determined

You can read more about DAS connector standards here.

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