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Multiple CEL-FI PRO’s and Effects on the 5GHz Link

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Installing Multiple CEL-FI PRO’s and Effects on the 5GHz Link

There will be cases where you are required to install multiple CEL-FI PRO’s in a building to cover a larger area, add capacity for a larger number of users, add another operator, extend the coverage using daisy chaining (max of two system).

Cel-fi PRO is primarily a residential plug and play device where the two boxes communicate with each other via two wireless links known as an Uplink and a Downlink or UL and DL.

The UL and DL operate unlicensed UNII spectrum (frequency) and is the same frequencies used by 5GHz WiFi, Panasonic and Uniden cordless phone, baby monitors, wireless data links etc.

In a residential environment the above is usually okay but sometimes requires the WiFi to be set at frequencies not used by CEL-FI, to create harmony.

Once we start adding additional PRO each requiring it’s own non overlapping UL and DL frequency things start to become unstuck. There is a solution but this will be dependent on the set up and what your client is trying to achieve.

Note: Cel-fi Go and Go-X does not use a wireless link like the PRO and therefore work in close proximity to each other.

Please refer enquiries requiring multiple PRO product setups to Powertec Support Department support@powertec.com.au.

Hopefully the 5GH spectrum diagram below goes someway to explaining this.

CEL-FI pro multi installs

The slide show below may also assist.


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