Guyed Towers – Guyed towers are secured to a roof or ground using guyed ropes and use the least amount of tower steel per metre of height, but require the largest use of land. When land is cheap (and relatively open) a guyed tower is typically the most cost-effective choice.

Free-standing Towers require a smaller footprint and are an excellent choice when there’s limited land available. Heights under 10m can be made from aluminum, with larger towers usually requiring to be constructed from steel.

Portable Tripod Towers are a fantastic lightweight solution for quick or temporary setups. Towers can be deployed within hours and do not require geo or soil testing. The bolt-together design means easy shipment to site, and the included winch allows raising and lowering of the tower eliminating the need for tower climbs to mount equipment.


A type of tower extension or attachment that bolts on to the top of the tower to provide a mounting platform for large systems or multiple sector antennas. These can be particularly useful for guyed towers, where guy wires may prevent attachment or interrupt the operation of the equipment. They are generally only used when the existing tower section is not suitable for mounting particular hardware.
Available in 1 (spigot), 2, 3, and 4 Sector options.


Surefoot Footings

Surefoot is a revolutionary footing system used to mount towers and building structures. Multiple ‘Piles’ (long steel rods) are driven through a square plate using a jack hammer at different angles into the ground. Once piles are driven and the cap secured, the opposing forces of the multi directional piles provide a solid, stable and economical footing. They are a great alternative to traditional cement footings.


The traditional way of mounting a ground tower before the invention of footing systems like Surefoot was concrete.

The tower base plate and guy anchor plates are anchored using the weight of concrete. Either an existing suitable slab is utilised or holes are dug and filled with concrete to create inground blocks.

Guy Kit Steel Type

Galvanised (Standard) All guy accessories come standard in galvanized steel which is suitable for most applications and environments

Stainless Steel Guy Accessories are available which are ideal in coastal environments or mine sites as they other extra protection against salt corrosion.

Turn Buckle Type

Turnbuckles are used to provide a means for length adjustment and tensioning on guy wires. They secure the guys wires to the anchor plates. We offer three types depending on the customer requirements:

Hook-Eye (default)

Eye-Eye (option)

Jaw-Jaw (option)

Anti-Twist System

Torque Arm Assembly– Commonly only three-way guying is used and adequate for most installations. Anti-twist torque arm assemblies are used to provide six-way guying to increase torsional resistance on towers supporting point to point antennas or surveillance cameras. They are attached to the lattice towers at any section (usually near the antennas) by three heavy duty U-bolt clamps. Due to the added guys points, Torque Arms also aid in reducing tower stress in high winds.