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QLD Mobile Blackspot Now a Mobile Hotspot

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Mobile Coverage Solution for Scenic Rim Accommodation, QLD Australia

The McGhee family live in Darlington Qld adjacent Lamington National Park at the head waters of the Albert River, located 40kms from the Gold Coast and 85kms from Brisbane. Commonly known as ‘the green behind the Gold”, the area has an overabundance of breathtaking scenery, wildlife and clean mountain air.  A well-known mobile coverage blackspot with its beautiful aspect directly contributing to its extremely unattractive cellular coverage.

Two family homes sit on large acreage site, some distance apart in a picturesque valley, enjoying everything that nature provides for free – only to have no home mobile coverage while paying for it. 

Running a home business from the property utilising the cellular network proved to be fraught with major issues due to constant call failures and dropouts. Making matters worse the National Broadband Network wireless connection was only available to the homestead and would require bridging by a point to point system. As voice over wireless hadn’t yet been released, an alternative solution had to be implemented urgently. Factoring in the health and safety issues for a fairly remote area, it was imperative that solution be implemented as the McGhee’s daughter had returned to the cottage after giving birth.

Business Needs

Local telecommunications system integrator Enzo Gigante of AETV Systems was contacted and tasked in providing an urgent solution to their mobile phone and cellular coverage problems.

In July 2016, AETV Systems successfully installed a CEL-FI PRO in the lower cottage. CEL-FI PRO units are typically used for homes or offices where poor or near non-existent signals are received. Usually signified by one(1) bar of signal on the hand piece – the Cel-FI PRO Units with their built in patented intelligent technology amplifies the received signal and distributes at higher levels throughout the area of a small home.  Amplifying both 3G and 4G simultaneously catering for both data and voice calls without any manual intervention.

In early 2017, the client contacted AETV Systems requesting a suitable cost effective solution be installed covering the homestead, its outer buildings and designated areas.  The homestead’s iron roof and frame construction was taken into consideration in providing the final solution. Even though the CEL-FI PRO’s coverage was good it would still require the implementation of multiple network units and coverage units to obtain necessary coverage.

The newly launched cabled and scalable CEL-FI GO stationary unit was chosen as it would provide a more robust solution incorporating well placed omnidirectional and directional DAS antennas. The solution provided improved coverage to both homestead and surrounding buildings with greater signal penetration and reliability. Utilising the CEL-FI GO stationery model, AETV Systems effectively installed and created a mini DAS system (Distributed Antenna System).

Accommodation Design for Optimal Mobile Coverage

Products Utilised

  • Telstra CEL-FI GO Stationary Unit
  • LPDA antenna facing O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat Mobile Tower
  • Galvanised 15ft mast guy wired to the roof allowing greater line of site to the tower
  • LMR-400 cable, combiners and connectors
  • Omnidirectional and directional distribution antennas

The Solution

Installation began on the roof with an LPDA antenna mounted on a 15ft galvanised mast. A Signal analyser was used to acquire the position and strongest signal for the antenna which was subsequently mounted to the roof utilising guy wire and turnbuckles.

The CEL-FI GO unit was mounted in the laundry with two (2) custom “SMA” to “N” type LMR-400 cables penetrating the ceiling space. One feeding a two-way combiner supplying the two DAS antennas and the other from the roof connecting external LPDA antenna.

Two more custom LMR-400 cables produced and installed to the two mini DAS antennas. The first omnidirectional antenna was placed just out of view in the lounge area, with the second directional antenna place above the rear of the homestead facing southwards covering the outer buildings.


“Thanks Enzo. Really appreciate how good your work is mate, there are not too many jobs that just work these days!” Nathan, QLD

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This CEL-FI installation was undertaken by Enzo Gigante of AE TV Systems, communications expert operating in the larger Brisbane area. For more information on this install or other requirements you can contact Enzo, aetv@aetvsystems.com.au.

For a referral to a local expert on mobile and wi-fi solutions in your area, please contact us HERE or email sales@powertec.com.au.

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