The challenge for the healthcare industry is to deliver high-quality, timely patient care services along with operational efficiency.

The dramatic speed of change in telecoms technology has particularly implications for the healthcare industry with increased expectations from their customers for quality and on-demand healthcare services.  Life and death scenarios also mean that timely assistance is critical.

The Matrix PABX healthcare communication solution offers advanced and integrated solution for healthcare institutions to extend staff mobility, reach ability and flexibility by means of communication and collaboration. The beauty of Matrix is that the system can leverages the current infrastructure (which is often legacy and outdated) and offers benefits of centralised management ensuring direct and anytime connectivity inside hospitals.

PABX Healthcare


Extend Mobility

Establish a real-time connectivity between patients and staff by mobilising the workforce with Wi-Fi extensions. This allows hospital staff to communicate with each other and their patients from anywhere in the hospital premises.

Enable Collaboration

Matrix healthcare communication solution streamlines administrative processes through centralised management and advanced call management such as voice mail, auto-attendant and call conferencing.

Increase Staff Productivity and Efficiency

Enable medical professionals to quickly seek critical diagnosis and consult specialised experts in emergencies. Further pre-recorded automated voice guidance and instructions on phone helps hospital staff to focus on more important tasks.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Enhance patient experience and satisfaction by delivering prompt services and personalised attention.

Ease of Management

The easy to use and intuitive web-interface simplifies administrative activities for the administrator. This also saves essential time and cost of providing technical support.

PABX Healthcare

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