In today’s dynamic global economy, it is very important to be in touch with factory sites, supply and distribution chains and customers. Manufacturing enterprises need a reliable IP PBX communication link between their employees who can often be spread across various locations.

They need an advanced phone system in place to reduce CAPEX and OPEX and manage resources from a single location.

To meet all essential communication needs of manufacturing enterprises, Matrix offers a range of reliable and advanced communication solutions. Matrix IP PBX communication solutions help manufacturers streamline business processes, reduce time-to-market, increase productivity and enhance corporate image. They can integrate multiple facilities and sites under a single network to share common resources and incorporate uniform services across all locations.


Matrix IP PBX in Manufacturing

Easy Scalability

Matrix offers flexible and scalable systems to accommodate all the users spread across different facilities and sites. Matrix solutions are easy to deploy and able to integrate with legacy systems. Matrix solutions perform the role of ideal partner during the growth phase and expansion of manufacturing enterprises.

Seamless Integration

The advanced feature set and standard based Matrix solutions make it easy for manufacturing enterprises to integrate multiple sites under single network. Users located anywhere can access the common trunk resources and call management features of centrally located system, as accessible by office users. The centralisation of features such as auto-attendant, voice mail system and unified messaging helps delivering uniform services to customers and suppliers.

Higher Availability and Improved Responsiveness

The communication delays can result into lost business opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. Matrix solutions help manufacturing enterprises to streamline communication by reducing delays across supply chains and distribution channels, ensuring the higher availability and improved responsiveness.

Matrix Mobility solution delivers office desk phone capabilities on the mobile phones of roaming staff members.

All these advanced features of Matrix solutions lead to increased employee communication capacity, improved staff efficiency and lowered operational costs.

Ease of Management with Reliability

The complexity of configuration and downtime of the system are factors contributing to additional operational expenses. The only alternative is to go for reliable system with easy management tools.

Matrix solutions are easily configurable through web-based interface, without the need of any additional application, freeing administrator to configure the system from any location. This in turn eases administrator’s job of reducing system downtime and ensures immediate troubleshooting.

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