Matrix for Government Entities

For public offices, educational institutes, banks and public service departments such as Fire, Police and Hospitals, connectivity and quick response to community requirements is critical. These government entities need an advanced communication system to offer excellent services. Federal and Local bodies also need to maintain their own secure Government PABX communication network to serve various industrial sectors across the country.

Matrix advanced communication solutions are specially designed to meet the varied needs of government entities. They can avail benefits of all advanced telephony features with the support for diverse networks to offer anytime connectivity with community, government bodies and industry stakeholders. In addition the fail over capacities of Matrix solutions ensure reliable communication links in the case of critical conditions. These cost-effective and advanced solutions help government entities to avail the enterprise-grade features and flexibility to service the community and society.

Seamless Scalability and Integration

Government entities need to expand their capabilities as the needs of the population,
society and industries increase. They are under constant pressure to offer round-the-clock and multi-channel connectivity without compromising despite having to deal with aging IT, telecom infrastructures or shrinking budget limits.government pabx

The Matrix telecoms portfolio includes a range of scalable solutions that can be easily deployed and integrated with legacy systems, protecting the investment of government for longer duration without compromising their services.

  • GE3S – 3 Slot Chassis
  • GE6S – 6 Slot Chassis
  • GE12S – 12 Slot Chassis

High Availability and Responsiveness

The communication delays in certain situations can cost damage to public and private properties and society at large.

Matrix solutions help government entities to remain in contact with emergency services departments located at distant places and respond to the public needs through various channels without incurring additional costs.

Ease of Management with Reliability

The complexity of configuration and downtime of the system are factors contributing to additional operational expenses. The only alternative is to go for reliable system with easy management tools.

Matrix solutions are easily configurable through web-based interface, without the need of any additional application, freeing administrators to configure the system from any location. This in turn eases administrator’s job of reducing system downtime and ensures immediate troubleshooting.

The advance technology of Matrix products ensure excellent performance under high traffic and critical environmental conditions.

Further, any IP-PBX worth its name should interface with all-pervasive legacy and new-generation wireless telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, GSM, CDMA, 3G and VoIP. The ETERNITY IP-PBX offers Universal Connectivity with all these networks combining best of both the worlds. Thus, ETERNITY facilitates smooth and natural migration to the new-age IP infrastructure.

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