In today’s global economy, choice of communication via multiple channels is a necessity in every industry but particularly across the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries.  They have been under increasing pressure to offer anytime connectivity with their partners and customers without increasing operational costs or reducing the level of customer service due to communication delays.  Having a reliable, quality and secured communication link is of the utmost importance for these industries. Also the communication tools and devices play a major role in increasing staff productivity and efficiency. Especially in the era of hot-desking, outsourcing of work and more flexible working conditions like telecommuting (working from home).

Matrix has developed a range of telecom products that form a comprehensive financial PABX solution for any type of financial institution. The unified messaging and mobility features ensure anytime connectivity with customers, increasing employee productivity and responsiveness.

MATRIX GBR (TE) with PABX (NT) Financial PABX

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