The rapidly growing telecommunication technology is bringing about much opportunity for call centres and contact centres to enhance their productivity and reduce operating costs. To provide prompt response to customers along with ease of use for staff is a challenge made on all call centre PBX requirements.

A seamless communication system is required to enable the business with prompt responsiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and handle customers efficiently.

If you want to save costs without compromising quality, then you will need to utilise a gateway in your call centre or high phone call volume business.

Installing a Matrix gateway SIP switch to enable call control, easy routing and telephony management is an ideal lower cost solution to the alternative PBX’s. Not only will you save money on hardware but simplify your entire telephony system.

It is well-documented that call centres get a higher response rates when ringing their prospective purchasers from a mobile phone.  Utilising a gateway, will not only allow clients to take advantage of a higher than average pick-up rate but also take advantage of the best mobile phone plans in the market.

call centre PBX

You will still have access to common features like hunt groups, conferencing facilities etc plus other divisions within your organisation can jump on the cost savings and benefits that a Matrix gateway will provide you.

If you have already invested in PBX hardware, it is highly like that for a minimal cost, you will be able to utilise the cost saving benefits and functionality with a Matrix Gateway and extend the life of your current system.

CTI Interface with Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX systems allows control of telephone from the PC which includes answering calls or hanging up, transferring, forwarding, conferencing, or placing calls on hold. Third-party CTI software with TAPI2.2 support can be used as medium between CTI applications and IP-PBX.

They can avail benefits of all advanced telephony features with diverse networks support providing anytime connectivity with customers. It offers extended support for innovative business applications such as IVR, ACD, Diallers, Voice Logging and Database Integration for call centres.

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