Matrix GFX11E lift gateways are the perfect solution for installation in a lift or elevator.  It can be used to replace a fixed landline to provide a mobile option for any emergency lift communication system.

Property owners and managers in charge of lifts need to be on the front foot when it comes to being in control of the emergency procedures for their elevators. One easy way to enhance the safety of a property is to ensure that all elevators have updated and functional communications devices that can be used for real-time monitoring, automated alarms, fault recording and more.

Installing a fully compliant Matrix lift gateway provides you with the following options for your emergency elevator communications system:

  • Built in 4 hour battery backup
  • SMS notification during low battery or power outage
  • Programmable emergency numbers
  • Connect to the Emergency Service Centre for immediate assistance
  • Carrier grade and proven reliability

The backup battery is a great advantage with this model as it is resistant to power outages and can be programmed to send an sms to a predefined support number. With over 3000 installations around the world, and thousands in Australia, this product has proven reliability backed with a Powertec supported warranty.

And don’t forget, there is no need for the business to pay fixed line rental on a monthly basis.

Click HERE for more information on the Matrix GFX11 E with battery backup.

3G lift Gateways elevator-matrix application

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