All organisations including hotels, call centres, retail chains, banking and finance firms make frequent calls to mobile numbers of employees, customers and their vendors alike. It is likely that more than 50% of their communication overhead is accounted for by the huge fixed-to-mobile call costs and network connection charges for local and international calls.

The Matrix Telecoms GSM product portfolio includes Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCTs) and GSM/3G gateways scalable up to a 40 channel SIM bank. The direct connectivity can help to reduce higher inter-network toll charges. Matrix access gateways easily integrate into the existing infrastructure to save valuable investment made in past.  Multiple SIMs capability with the least cost routing ensures cost-effective communication. Matrix also offers a unique range of IP-PBX offering in-skin GSM/3G connectivity.

Key Benefits

There are many benefits to implementation of a Matrix Telecoms solution if your aim is to reduce your fixed-to-mobile call costs and these include:

  • Scalable systems with single to 40 GSM/3G channels
  • No need of telephony infrastructure changes, integrate GSM/3G connectivity to existing telephony terminals and devices
  • Reduce inter-network toll charges for fixed-to-mobile calls
  • Automated dialled number modification to match network dialling patterns
  • Enable field workers with single number reach
  • Save on roaming call charges for calls made by the field workers by activating system call back function
  • Efficient call routing based on dialled number, time and service provider
  • Control operational expense by defining call budget on GSM/3GSIMs
  • Selectively attend and dial numbers based on allowed and denied lists

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