Don’t get fooled into thinking that your business will need an entirely new NBN ready phone system when the copper network is switched off.  It won’t!

We are hearing about smaller business’ being told they need entirely new NBN ready phone systems in order to be NBN compliant but this is just not the case. The copper network is only being cut off for PSTN services and ISDN is continuing as per normal.

Scott Hampton, General Manager of Powertec Telecommunications said, “We are making our Channel Partners aware that there are alternatives to any business unnecessarily overspending in this area.”NBN ready phone system

“It could cost you as little as $600** for the purchase of the actual compliant NBN Gateway product to ensure your client’s business is up and running, ready for NBN.  There are no ongoing costs and so this becomes a much more cost effective option than the quoted amounts of $10,000 for a new phone system that we have been hearing about. And this doesn’t even factor in the disruption to the business that a new phone system can cause. The good news is that this small investment should fall under the instant write-off for small business assets under $20,000, introduced in the 2015 budget*.”

Different PBX systems will require different solutions when the NBN arrives.  Because the NBN utilises fibre/Wi-Fi, traditional PBX systems are over copper, so an upgrade to the SIP module will be required – this is where a Matrix gateway will come in. Using your Matrix VGFX or VFX model gateway you can convert NBN SIP to traditional analogue trunks.

Powertec is a niche Telecommunications distributor and supplies quality Matrix gateways to installers that cover the entire myriad of PBX systems.  As different PBX systems require different solutions, it would be worth checking with our professionals to run through your own business requirements.

Powertec work closely with a team of expert NBN Matrix gateway installers across Australia – contact them for a referral to your closest expert and save money.

You can read more about the Matrix VGFX product HERE.

** Note that install costs will apply and different products may be required for different PABX systems resulting in a more expensive product needed.  Your expert installer will be able to provide you with quotes for your system.  BUT, they will be less than an entirely new phone system.

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