GSM connectivity for business communications is gaining importance with its evident benefits of lower call rates and extensive reach. GSM when integrated with a telephony network reduces telephony expenses and provides vital communication link for office locations with limited POTS (landlines) connectivity.

Matrix offers a range of GSM PBX for small to large businesses to lower telephony costs.

Matrix GSM PBX at-a-glance

  • Modular and scalable platforms for 5 to 1000 users
  • 2 to 40 GSM channels from single platform
  • GSM, POTS, ISDN, VoIP trunks connectivity
  • Analog, Digital, IP and mobile extensions
  • Quad-Band GSM and Tri-Band UMTS (3G) support
  • Single antenna for 4 GSM channels
  • Network selection and BTS lock
  • Remote SIM balance inquiry and recharge

Application Offices or sites located far from urban area have limited choices for communication mediums. In absence of POTS (Landlines) these offices are disconnected from outside world for the essential business communication.

For locations such as remote offices, ad-hoc rapid deployment sites and transport utilities such as logistics and courier agencies, Matrix GSM PBX provides connectivity to GSM networks maintaining vital business continuity.

Business Benefits

Reduce Telephony Costs

Route all or selective calls via the most cost-effective GSM carriers. Convert all fixed-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls and save on high telephony bills.

Maintain Business Continuity

Remote offices with limited or no fixed line (Landlines) connectivity can manage business operations and maintain essential communications with customers and suppliers.

Future-proof Solution

Matrix GSM PBXs are easy to scale in terms of number of users and trunks capacity to meet any growing communication requirements in future.

Simplified Management

Matrix GSM PBXs are remotely programmable using simple and user friendly web-based GUI, standard telephone and GSM mobile phone. This provides flexibility and saves time and cost of providing essential technical support to dispersed offices and remote locations.

IP-PBX With Integrated GSM Connectivity

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