GSM/3G is one of the possible alternative communication networks available to a business instead of a fixed line.  The cost-benefit, wide coverage and superior voice quality offered by GSM/3G networks have encouraged organisations to re-consider their existing communication infrastructure. But sometimes the huge investment made in existing PBX communication systems makes it hard to move forward – when there is an easy and cost effective solution in a Matrix GSM trunking solution.

The Matrix GSM/3G trunking solution allows direct connectivity to GSM/3G mobile networks allowing the business to capitalise on cheaper mobile call tariffs while keeping their existing communication infrastructure in place. GSM/3G trunks also create a low-cost alternative to fixed line communications for locations with no or limited fixed line connectivity.

Matrix GSM trunking solutions offer cost saving opportunities for enterprises with high volume of mobile calls. Increasing level GSM/3G call traffic, together with the high costs involved in routing fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls, have created a great opportunity to take advantage of GSM services.

GSM Trunking For Existing PBX Systems

Business Benefits

Reduced Telephony Costs

Route all or selective calls via the most cost-effective GSM carriers. Convert all fixed-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls and save on high telephony bills.

Maintain Business Continuity

Remote offices with limited or no fixed line (Landlines)connectivity can manage business operations and maintain essential communications with customers and suppliers.

Future-proof Solution

Matrix GSM PBXs are easy to scale in terms of number of users and trunks capacity to meet any growing communication requirements in future.

Simplified Management

Matrix GSM PBXs are remotely programmable using simple and user friendly web-based GUI, standard telephone and GSM mobile phone. This provides flexibility and saves time and cost of providing essential technical support to dispersed offices and remote locations.

Increased Average Revenue Per User for Service Providers

Service providers can offer Matrix GSM PBXs as a consolidated telephony solution for small businesses to large enterprises. Using GSM PBXs mobile operators can route outgoing call traffic of enterprise users on their carriers to generate more revenue.

Key Benefits

  • Save on recurring fixed-to-mobile call costs
  • Wireless local loop in absence of fixed line connectivity
  • Maintain existing communication infrastructure and dialing habits
  • Experience toll-grade voice quality with 3G voice networks

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