Break away from the cost and ties of a fixed line and access the benefits and savings of a GSM gateway in your household or office. The times have changed and new opportunities in communication are bringing you new opportunities to save money by using a fixed line replacement solution.

Offices or sites located far from urban area often face difficulties in communicating to main office, customers and suppliers. For such locations without fixed line connectivity, wireless GSM/3G/4G networks become a convenient and cost-effective alternative and a great fixed line replacement.

Matrix offers GSM/3G /4G gateways with superior voice quality provide vital business continuity. Besides essential voice communication, these gateways offer advance applications such as sending and receiving SMS, Fax service, file transfer and internet connectivity over GPRS/EDGE networks.

How Does A Matrix GSM Gateway Work?

After an easy installation, you can call, or even surf the web without being connected to a fixed line.  How does this work? A Matrix GSM Gateway, just like a mobile phone, holds a SIM card and connects to a mobile service provider.  It also has an analog port for connecting to your fixed phone and can even connect to your computer.  One of the greatest advantages, especially for a home business, is that you can move homes and still maintain the same business number.

The Matrix SIMADO GFX11 is a compact fixed cellular terminal used to make and receive calls over GSM/3G network from conventional analog desk phones. It provides GSM/3G connectivity to analog extension users, while retaining existing communication infrastructure.

There is also the option of including a Matrix GFX11E Fixed Cellular Terminal with built-in battery back-up which is useful during power cuts or for emergency applications. During any alarm situation, it can establishes a link with help center over the GSM/3G network and provide connectivity in emergency conditions.

Fixed Line Replacement Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Ideal alternative for leased line connectivity with same quality of services and user-experience of fixed lines.
  • Portable solution perfect for home offices – take the solution with you when you move – and keep the same number, minimising business disruption.
  • Use conventional analog terminals to make and receive GSM calls
  • Voice, Data, Internet, SMS and Fax support
  • Back-up connectivity fixed line replacement during network outage or unscheduled maintenance of landline infrastructure

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