Reduce your telephone charges by connecting a GSM Gateway to your phone system. By taking advantage of the cost savings that call caps offered by the mobile providers can provide.

In today’s tough economic environment, controlling operating costs and telephony expenses are the biggest challenges for organisations. Business’ need to find new and cost-effective ways to communicate with customers, remote offices and mobile workers.  Matrix Telecom solutions offer complete office communication solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Depending up on the call type – local, mobile or long distance, calls can be automaticallycost savings routed from selective outgoing trunks to avail cheapest call tariffs.

Matrix offers a complete range of IP-PBX systems for small, medium and large businesses. Based on universal slots architecture, ETERNITY IP-PBXs connects to POTS, GSM, ISDN and VoIP telephony networks. Multiple trunks connectivity and advance least cost routing enables users to route local calls using POTS, mobile calls using GSM/3G and long distance calls using VoIP trunks. This protects against the higher toll charges and can reduce telephony bills significantly.

Key Benefits

Make Cost Savings on Connecting Office to Field Workers

ETERNITY IP-PBX installed at a main location treats users located anywhere as local extensions of office. All the calls made internally to office staff are free of charge and outside calls are made using system trunk resources.  Organisations with remote offices and mobile workers can communicate with each other without incurring significant call charges.

Future-Proof Solution

All the platforms of ETERNITY IP-PBXs are scalable to add user capacity and expandable to integrate multiple networks connectivity. This secures the investment made in existing system and makes it future-ready to meet advance communication needs with growing business size.

Reduce Administrative and Maintenance Costs

The advance call management features reduce employees time spent in administrative activities and help them to focus on work-at-hand. The easy to manage products deliver reliable performance and superior functioning.

Protect Investment

ETERNITY can fit easily into any existing wire-line and data infrastructure to protect past investments in infrastructure. It preserves the traditional dialling habits of users to make or receive calls but allows them to access new system features.

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