Multi-Port GSM/3G to PRI/E1 Gateway

    3G 850, 1900, 2100 (3G models only)

    GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900

    4-32 GSM/3G lines

    E1/PRI Connectivity

The GSM-T1/E1/PRI gateways offer integrated interfaces for GSM/CDMA/3G and T1/E1/PRI.  Flexibility and scalability are the key strengths of these gateways. Its open architecture with universal slots allows inserting any interface card in any of the slots available.

With Matrix ETERNITY one can scale up to as many as 8 T1/E1/PRI ports and a Channel Bank of up to 32 GSM ports. The gateway works as an adjunct to the existing infrastructure. There is no need to replace any equipment like PBX, Operator Consoles, Key Phones, Standard Phones, Power Supply and Wiring. This not only saves lot of equipment cost, but also saves time and efforts required for re-training.

These modular gateways come in varied configurations, with built-in support for multi-port Auto Attendant, in-depth Call Records, DDI and advanced Least Cost Routing.

GSM/3G-T1/E1/PRI Gateways

Allowed and Denied ListsAutomatic Call Distribution
Automatic Number TranslationCall Detail Recording (CDR)
Call MaturityCall Duration Control (CDC)
Caller Line IdentificationPresentation (CLIP)
Call Progress TonesDirect Dial-In (DDI) Routing
Day Light SavingEmergency Number Dialing
Fax over IP – T.38 and Pass-ThroughFixed Number Dialing
International Mobile EquipmentIdentity (IMEI) Number
Jeeves – Web Based ProgrammingTool
Least Cost RoutingNetwork Selection
Peer-to-Peer CallingPhone Book (Number Lists)
Port StatusQSIG
Remote ProgrammingSIM PIN
Speech Gain SettingSystem Activity Log
System Fault LogTime Tables
Time ZonesUniversal Routing
Voice PromptsVoice Mail

19” Sub-Rack (ETERNITY ME10S and GE12S)Compact and Sturdy Design
Distributed Processing ArchitectureQuad-Band Operation
3G Tri-Band Network SupportHigh Density Switching
Hot Swap (ETERNITY ME)Modular Architecture
Printer Port (ETERNITY ME)Real Time Clock (RTC)
Redundancy (ETERNITY ME10SDC)RS232C Ports
USB PortUniversal Slot Architecture
Wall and Table-Top Mounting


GE041 – GSM – 4 Channel
GE081 – GSM – 8 Channel
GE121 – GSM – 12 Channel
GE161 – GSM – 16 Channel
GE201 – GSM – 20 Channel
GE241 – GSM – 24 Channel
GE281 – GSM – 28 Channel
GE321 – GSM – 32 Channel

GE041 3G – NextG/3G – 4 Channel
GE081 3G – NextG/3G – 8 Channel
GE121 3G – NextG/3G – 12 Channel
GE161 3G – NextG/3G – 16 Channel
GE201 3G – NextG/3G – 20 Channel
GE241 3G – NextG/3G – 24 Channel
GE281 3G – NextG/3G – 28 Channel
GE321 3G – NextG/3G – 32 Channel


Matrix GE E1 Brochure