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Productivity and effectiveness of people depend on quality of internal and external communication. In today’s every-changing technology landscape, it is challenging to design communication solution for dynamic and growing organizations.

Presenting Matrix Telecom Solutions – a comprehensive family of telecom solutions built on cutting-edge technologies and designed for performance, flexibility and reliability. Matrix IP-PBXs, user terminals and gateways offer universal, versatile and intelligent platform for users to communicate seamlessly and effortlessly.

With Matrix telecom solutions and products you can add the benefits of a wireless gateway to your business and allow you to take advantage of savings and improved work flows.

  • You can SAVE on fixed line rental
  • You can SAVE on call costs
  • You can SAVE on fleet mobile calls
  • You can SAVE or installation – no need for wiring, additional cost and disruption to your business.
  • Matrix gateways can operate with the majority of phone systems and handsets.

You can feel confident in your Matrix Telecom Solution purchase as it is backed by our 2 year warranty and supported by our expert distributor in Powertec Telecommunications.



Matrix Simado GBR is one such gateway equipment offering interfaces for two GSM and one ISDN BRI port. It can be used with any brand of existing PBX or even in a stand-by mode. Simado GP supports flexible and intelligent Least Cost Routing (LCR) options providing significant cost savings and round-the-clock connectivity.

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Matrix SETU VFX404

Matrix Multi-port VoIP-FXO-FXS Gateways combines VoIP and POTS networks to provide the benefits of scalability, security and cost savings. Ideal for multi-locational organisations and branch offices, Matrix Gateways enables them to seamlessly connect and make cost effective calls.

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Presenting Matrix GFX11, a compact and intelligent terminal that satisfies all your voice communication needs using the GSM line. The FXS port of the GFX11 can be interfaced to the trunk port of any PBX. This allows all users of the PBX to make and receive calls through the GSM line.

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The GSM-T1/E1/PRI gateways offer integrated interfaces for GSM/CDMA/3G and T1/E1/PRI. Flexibility and scalability are the key strengths of these gateways. Its open architecture with universal slots allows inserting any interface card in any of the slots available.

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