Security Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

Securing people, business and assets.

M2M for Security

Security systems using M2M solutions protect your people; your assets against vandalism, misuse; and your business against unauthorised access.

M2M security solutions have moved further along than basic alarm monitoring.

Using real-time video and image allows the viewing of locations prior to taking action. Remote alarm monitoring means that you can investigate the cause of the alarm and disregard false calls without incurring costs. M2M Security solutions allow for notifications to mobile phone and email as well as remote user control.

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M2M for Video Monitoring

Video surveillance allows users to view live video from their PC/laptop from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet access.

Remote Mobile Monitoring
Mobile monitoring allows users to view surveillance images from their mobile phone. You can view multiple screens, record images, view archived files. Mobile monitoring is able to be used with internet access or mobile coverage via an app.

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M2M for Safety Alerts

A smoke alarm is the perfect example of where M2M solutions can assist – if no one is around, no one can contact the fire department. If it is equipped with a wireless connection, it can alert the fire department and even send an emergency sms to the owner’s mobile phone.

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