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With the largest fleet of campervans and motorhomes in Australia, Apollo Motorhomes can sleep between two and six people, and can be driven with a car licence. They are perfect for touring with mates or relaxing with your family, giving you the freedom to travel at your own pace, and no need to unpack when you reach each new destination!

Investing in the future of their fleet of vacation vehicles, publicly listed Apollo Motorhomes is in the process of rolling out advanced IoT trackers across 2,700 of their vans in both Australia and New Zealand.

Powertec Telecommunications led the deal working with both Apollo and an Australian GPS supply company. Apollo chose the Powertec offer as they were able to supply highly capable GPS trackers along with the M2M sim data as part of the contract at very competitive prices.  The GPS trackers are a new breed able to report 10x more than a standard basic tracker.

The tracking information allows Apollo to:

  • Monitor driver behaviour and educate drivers
  • Avoid accidents
  • Pinpoint breakdown of service

Long term, Apollo will build predictive anlaysis tools from the data gained to provide greater service to their clients and relevant information about destinations.

There are a number of stages to their mass rollout but the initial implementation has commenced in Australia and New Zealand with around 150 vans currently on the road with updated tracker equipment.  The initial trackers are non-CANbus but future installs will be CANbus allowing engine information to be monitored with automated flags when engine issues occur.

All major products and services from the GPS trackers to the tracking platform are high quality, locally made and supplied in Australia.  Telstra M2M sims were used in Australia, Vodafone M2M sims were used in New Zealand.

The solution will soon be available on the Powertec website. For more information in the interim about the Powertec GPS tracker and platform offering, please contact sales@powertec.com.au or call us on 07 5577 0500 to speak to our experts about your requirements.

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