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Illegal repeaters/boosters abound. They can block mobile signal reaching your neighbours, and they can even bring down phone towers cutting signal to thousands of users. Penalties for operating illegal repeaters range from fines to jail terms.

Say No to Illegal Repeaters, Choose Carrier Approved Options

CEL-FI products differentiate themselves from illegal products by being in the public forum; the product is approved by all carriers in Australia and supported with product reviews and media releases etc. You will find the illegal companies do not do this.

Improve your reception by using CEL-FI mobile signal repeaters.

How CEL-FI Works

CEL-FI mobile repeaters amplify and disburse a cellular signal within a building without causing any interference to the cellular network. The CEL-FI is locked to a particular carrier and will only increase signal in that carriers set frequency range. It supports 3G and 4G. Currently, there are two options CEL-FI PRO and CEL-FI GO.


The CEL-FI PRO system compromises of two boxes, a Network Unit (NU) and a Coverage Unit (CU): the Network Unit communicates with the mobile base station, amplifies the signal and passes it to the Coverage Unit via a wireless link.


The CEL-FI GO system compromises of one box and uses an external and internal antenna. Typically mounted at a high point, the external antenna captures the signal from a nearby cellular tower. This signal feeds through to the CEL-FI GO which boosts this signal; this then distributes via the internal antenna.

Further evidence to prove CEL-FI legality

Find below a letter from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) listing the companies to be mindful of: Mobile Repeaters Australia, Signal Boosters Australia, Amplify Australia. They operate virtual premises and phone numbers that appear based in Australia or New Zealand, in reality, they are based overseas making it very hard to shut them down. eBay has also recently banned all illegal repeaters from sale on their platform.

Government Regulator Information Website

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