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Here at Powertec we come across illegal boosters all the time.

Generally people are calling up to replace their booster after being caught out by ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) and receiving a ‘please explain’ letter. Find out more about the good and the bad of mobile phone boosters in this article that recently appeared on the ABC website.

With the horrific fires that WA have been experiencing lately the last comment particularly strikes home “We had no coverage through harvest, through all that hot weather, and it worries me that we didn’t have communication at that time.”

Obviously the legal solution is a CEL-FI – details which can be found on the Powertec website HERE.

Illegal internet boosters block rural access, adding insult to injury for farmers with poor coverage

By Sally Bryant

Access to the internet and a phone service are basic requirements to run a business, but both are in short supply in many rural communities.

With mobile black spots across the rural countryside, and residents already stressed by unreliable access to internet, additional connectivity problems are seen to be adding insult to injury.

Ironically, it seems a new threat to connectivity is being created by people who are installing hardware to improve their services.

Gulargambone farmer Carolyn Lyons said poor connectivity was making the running of her business in central-west New South Wales difficult.

According to Ms Lyons, she has not had reliable internet and mobile phone coverage for the past four months, and she said Telstra, her service provider, had not given adequate assistance to help to sort out the problem.

Read the entire article HERE.

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