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How to improve your mobile signal while on the road

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There are few things more frustrating than losing your phone signal while on the move. Calls are dropped, music streaming stopped, and the all-important GPS struggles to find the fastest route to your destination. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that commuters can turn to when pondering how to improve their mobile signal.

CEL-FI GO is a mobile signal repeater that allows users to remain connected to friends and family on the road. Launching in 2017, this innovative piece of tech is contained within a compact block consisting of signal input and signal output. The sleek form of the device allowed for the first time ever, mobile signal could be boosted in small areas, such as on the inside of a car, truck or boat.

Boost Your Mobile Signal in your Vehicle

The system works by connecting to a receiver on the roof of your vehicle and can pick up as little as one bar of reception. The mobile signal is then amplified and transmitted via a small antenna inside the cabin, providing full coverage to all users.

The benefits of such a device are numerous. First and foremost, it does away with the pesky reception blackspots, which can leave travellers virtually uncontactable. Email, internet, video and social networking speeds will be like you’ve never left the office and keeping contacts abreast of your adventures are made easier than ever.

Power Savings

CEL-FI GO also preserves a considerable amount of phone battery life, as it allows your digital device a reprieve from the power-consuming task of hunting for an elusive signal. This comes with the added bonus of decreasing the level of radiation emitted by such electronics, a key concern for many Australians.

These advantages aren’t merely limited to vehicles, however, and CEL-FI GO can be incorporated into a larger Distributed Antenna System (or DAS) to tackle tough jobs, such as basement car parks, railway tunnels, multi-storey buildings, apartment complexes, and hotels.

Whatever the application, a signal booster from Powertec is vital to help ensure your digital experience is as seamless as can be. When thinking of how to improve your mobile phone reception, it pays to give the phone and connectivity experts a call on (07) 5577 0500.

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