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Matrix Solutions: Failover for Cloud Phone Systems

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Powertec Telecommunications offers expertise in providing Matrix Solutions for you with the universal media gateway with all network connectivity options available! 

Introducing a popular product, our Matrix Chassis Gateway. This is a high density universal connectivity media gateway offering connectivity to VOIP, GSM/3G/4G, T1/E1 PRI, and POTS networks on a single platform. It allows users to make and receive calls transparently on all networks. 

Matrix Chassis Gateway links your organisation’s existing infrastructure to the new age communication networks ensuring the right connectivity and least cost calling for every call. 

The gateway is an ideal solution for workplaces such as call centres, ISP, ITSP, wholesale terminators and organisations experiencing high call traffic on a day by day basis. 


How Does It Work? 

Matrix Gateways act as a back-up for any business; they ensure phone calls can continue to be sent and received if existing phone lines are down. The Matrix failover phone systems also allows for broadcasting text messages. This is achieved via innovative call routing technology, that enables a direct link between a telephone system and the cellular mobile network.  

Additionally, the gateway can route outbound call center traffic with up to 40 Sims and present a mobile caller ID, ensuring a significantly higher pickup ratio. The Matrix Gateway also integrates digitally with a predictive Dialer. 


Universal Network Connectivity for Office Phone Systems 

  • VOIP, GSM/ 3G/ 4G, TI/E1 and POTS – Universal Network Connectivity in a single platform 
  • Seamless integration with existing telephony infrastructure 
  • Any-to-any network call routing 
  • 100% non-blocking architecture 
  • Efficient least cost routing 
  • Industry-standard network protocols and signally support 

Universal network connectivity ensures your business will remain connected during emergency situations or power outages. 

Matrix Gateways are suitable for a multitude of industries including mining, government, schools, universities as well as hospitals and aged care. Read more about Powertec’s latest Matrix installation at a Queensland Hospital, click here. 


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