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Connectivity Solutions for Education

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COVID-19 has created an unprecedented demand for connectivity, and Australians are no longer content with the “coming soon” approach.

It is time to future-proof the education sector; schools, universities, TAFE, and other educational providers need to upgrade their network infrastructure to enable flexible learning.

High-bandwidth internet connectivity has become integral to the modern classroom. The education industry has adopted new technologies to enrich the education and learning experience of its students.

Powertec’s General Manager Samantha Clifton says connectivity is fast becoming the new currency in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Powertec wireless communication products and installation services aim to make a difference in people’s lives and ensure that they can communicate and be connected no matter where they are.”

Powertec has over 90,000 installations in Australia and New Zealand, including large companies, government departments, small to medium-sized businesses, farms, aged-care facilities, hospitals and individual consumers.

Powertec is here to help guide and advise school administrators and management on recommended connectivity solutions for schools, universities and students studying at home. Hangouts, students will need high bandwidth connectivity at home.

Tools for distance education and students studying from home

Students studying from home or that rely on distance education need reliable 3G/4G signal on their mobile, tablet or laptops to access virtual classrooms, learning resources and support. Powertec provides several solutions to boost mobile signal at home.

CEL-FI PRO 3G/4G Repeaters are supported by all major carriers including Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. It has a simple five minute set up and can provide up to 900 sqm of indoor mobile coverage, ensuring your home office always has a reliable 3G/4G signal for calls and data.

Ignite your mobile broadband with Cellferno, an NBN alternative. With 200GB Telstra plans now available for $70 per month, areas capable of receiving 4G signal could look at this as an alternative to the NBN.

CEL-FI GO 3G/4G Repeaters are an ideal connectivity solution for rural and urban education applications. This powerful device, when combined with a Blackhawk external antenna, has provided coverage in areas which previously experienced little to no mobile signal. CEL-FI GO can be installed into temporary buildings, homes, and vehicles.

Smart Campus – University Wi-Fi Installation

Campuses are challenging environments for wireless networks because of the campus size and high user capacity. Powertec’s partner Altai offers a unique “Super Wi-Fi” solution which provides coverage, user density, security, and bandwidth. Altai “Super Wi-Fi” was the perfect solution for a university Wi-Fi installation which required a scalable Wi-Fi solution to accommodate future growth.

The initiative to deploy a Wi-Fi network throughout the Faculty of Science campus was to enable various mobile applications within the campus and encourage interactive learning amongst students and professors.

After several trials against competing products, Altai’s Super Wi-Fi Solution was quickly identified as the best-fit solution – it has proven effective in many schools and universities across different regions around the world.

With various antenna down tilt on different sectors, the Altai A8ns’ were installed on light poles to provide large area outdoor Wi-Fi coverage while C1ns’ are used as CPE’s (Customer Premise Equipment) to extend the Wi-Fi signal from outdoor to indoor areas.  Altai A2s’ were installed to provide micro coverage in some corner areas.

All the access points were connected using the Altai Wireless Management System (“AWMS”) for network management and monitoring.

If your school, TAFE, college, or university needs immediate Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for your staff and workers or students studying at home, please call our expert consultants directly on (07) 5577 0500.

Powertec provides full network design