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Commercial Installation of CEL-FI products – Important Notice

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important notice

With the growing popularity of CEL-FI products in recent years has led to an increase in poorly designed and/or poorly installed commercial solutions.

The Carriers have put a spotlight on these issues. As our  Partner, you need to be aware that there are specified Carrier requirements mandated for commercial installations utilising multiple Nextivity products.

If a Carrier discovers an installation that is not providing adequate improvement in coverage or causes noise rises or interference in the network, they will insist that the installer rectify the issues to their audited standards.  If you are unable to rectify to their satisfaction or provide information in the required format, then they will seek redress, which is likely to be removal or disconnection of the equipment.

To ensure compliance, all installations completed by you or completed by your purchasers must be performed by certified installers who hold all the relevant licensing applicable to each specific job.

There are several ways to ensure your corporate installations follow correct protocols and Carrier best practice:

  • Utilise an accredited, trained and licensed installer who is expert in RF, IBC or CEL-FI products and follows the published OTA Repeater Carrier best-practice requirements. All installers should complete Powertec online training modules. You can request training here.
  • Utilise Powertec’s Project and Implementations team to design and certify first or complex projects with a Top and Tail methodology. This process will encompass Powertec providing design services prior-to installation and a post-installation quality assurance audit. Upon completion, Powertec will issue a certification of compliance for the installation.

The Powertec Projects team is also available to collaborate with you for full project design and installation.

The exact installation process is of high importance to the Carriers, Nextivity and in turn, this is supported by Powertec Telecommunications. We cannot stress enough the seriousness of ensuring the correct process is undertaken for installation of Nextivity products to mitigate potential failed installations and removal of such.

We are happy to provide direction should you need some assistance.

Optus mandate for any Optus installs combined with other carriers is to configure the GO units to one of these options:

 Telstra 850 3G and Optus 2100 3G OR

  1. Telstra 700 or 1800 4G and Optus 900 3G (Telstra 1 box system) OR
  2. Telstra 700 4G, Telstra 1800 4G and Optus 900 3G (Telstra 2 box system)

 In addition:

  1. Optus CEL-FI units need to be on a separate donor antenna for all installs, irrespective of the above combination.
  2. Optus CEL-FI stationary units are required to be locked so they cannot be connected to and modified by anyone that is nearby via the WAVE app. 

CEL-FI GO and SOLO repeaters are legally required to be registered (Site Contact Name, Site Company Name, Site Address and Site Contact Number) prior to operation. To prevent a breach of the Radiocommunications Act, Installers are required to closely follow the registration process provided in the instruction leaflet enclosed in the box.

Where bench testing of CEL-FI units are conducted in advance of the installation, each unit shall be registered to its intended installation address, and not to the testing address. When a unit is permanently moved to a new location the Installer is to contact Powertec to have its registration address updated.

The registration process is a legal requirement imposed by the ACMA. Failure to correctly follow registration instructions may result in a breach of the Radiocommunications Act 1997 (Cth).

To find out more, please contact your Account Manager on 07 5577 0500 or email sales@powertec.com.au.

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