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We are excited to share that Cellmate V2 is now available. Cellmate is a portable mobile repeater that can be transported and used where cellular signal is needed.

What’s new:

  • New power supply and RCM approved battery backup
  • New earth stud design

SKU Code: RPR-CF-00538

Order yours online today! https://powertec.com.au/buy/CEL-FI-go-cellmate-portable-mobile-repeater/

Stay Connected on the Job Site, at Home, or on the Road!

Cellmate is a smart innovation by Powertec Telecommunications. It features a CEL-FI GO, power supply and battery backup in a Pelican Case 1400 which is IP67 Watertight, crushproof and dustproof. Coupled with antennas and the CEL-FI WAVE smartphone app, Cellmate is the ideal solution to resolve coverage challenges, in the harshest environments.

Just chuck this portable cellular repeater into your ute and get connected on the go! Even better, take your Cellmate onto the job site with you to maintain a reliable signal while you work. In your leisure time, take your Cellmate when you go camping, four-wheel driving or fishing – it’s the perfect outdoor companion.

Cellmate will amplify the available LTE/HSPA mobile signal and increase your data speeds dramatically. Email, internet, video and social networking can achieve up to 4x improvement both indoor and outdoor. CEL-FI technology also extends the battery life of your device to allow you to work, talk and play longer.


Powertec recommends that you pair your Cellmate with an external antenna.

Directional Antennas

Best for stationary applications, where the Cellmate will remain in one location, and the position of the nearest, compatible cellular tower is known.

Vehicle Antennas

Best for mobile applications, where the Cellmate will travel in a vehicle, and the location of the nearest, compatible cellular tower is unknown.

• Blackhawk LPDA Antenna 12/14dBi• Pulse Larsen Magnetic Antenna 4/5.6dBi
• Blackhawk Wideband LPDA Antenna 10/11dBi• Blackhawk Trucker EDGE Antenna 6/8dBi
• Omni• Blackhawk Trucker EDGE Compact 4/6dBi
• Omni High Gain Antenna 6dBi• Blackhawk Tucker EDGE Compact LITE 5dBi
• Blackhawk Trucker Mini 3/5dBi


For more information about the CEL-FI Cellmate visit www.powertec.com.au, call (07) 5577 0500 or email: sales@powertec.com.au

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