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NEW Cellferno: Super Fast Mobile Internet Solution

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Say no to slow internet connectivity; it’s 2020! Ignite your mobile broadband internet and start downloading in seconds, not minutes.

Cellferno is a revolutionary product, brand new to the Australian market. Using innovative mobile technology this device delivers high-speed data for basic internet access to mission-critical applications.

Cellferno is available in two different models, M600 featuring Cat6 2×2 MIMO technology, capable of speeds up to 300Mbps and M1200 Cat12 4×2 MIMO technology, capable of speeds up to 600Mbps. All mobile operator bands are supported.

Designed to stand up to harsh Australian conditions, Cellferno can operate in temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius. Combined with the rugged steel casing, IP67 protection and in-built heater for clearing ice.

How does Cellferno work?

Users simply need a to insert a compatible SIM card, with a mobile data plan of their choice and Cellferno is ready to go.

This unique box design contains built-in antennas and a modem, making installation easy. A single ethernet cable powers this device, so it can be connected directly to a computer, network switch or a Wi-Fi access point to provide high-speed internet to devices within range.

How does Cellferno work?

Cellferno Applications



Providing mobile, fixed wireless internet to homes and residential buildings.


Due to Cellferno’s focus on speed, it can act as a primary internet source or secondary wireless backup for a corporate customer’s NBN service. If a factory or warehouse is in a location where landline-based internet is not fast enough, try this product today!

Cellferno for primary internet source
Cellferno for failover internet source.
Cellferno for failover internet source.









IoT and Farms

Cellferno Relay Station

Cellferno’s unique capabilities also make it an ideal IoT and farm connectivity option. In remote and rural areas, mobile broadband is often the perfect backhaul internet source. If cellular signal is not present at a farmhouse but can be found on a hill on the property, then a relay station can be set up. Wi-Fi access points in a point-to-point configuration and connects the farmhouse to the relay station.


Take your super fast internet with you on the go! Cellferno is also an option for recreational vehicle owners, especially those planning to travel for extended periods. Take your work with you knowing you have a reliable internet connection to answer emails, contact clients or stay in touch with friends and family.


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