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CEL-FI WAVE offers a window into what is happening within the heart of a CEL-FI smart booster. It also enables you to control certain features of the unit.

WAVE is currently available for the CEL-FI GO or PRO. Android or Apple iOS devices are supported.

In this post we explore the latest version of WAVE with a CEL-FI GO.

Start Screens
Ensure you are within a few metres of the GO unit and start the App. Once found, the App will start syncing data. If you have problems connecting try re-powering the GO and your phone.



The opening screen of the App is the dashboard that displays several things:

  • Errors – an explanation of any issues with the setup or hardware.
  • Signal Strength – from the network
  • Boost – represented by 1 to 9, with 9 being the most boost. Isolating the indoor antenna from the outdoor antenna will assist in increasing this number and therefore the coverage area. On the GO this figure is a direct coloration of the ‘Downlink System Gain’.
  • Operator – current operator being boosted
  • Coverage – if the unit is boosting 3G (3G/4G will be displayed), if boosting 4G (LTE will be displayed)



We like this tab as it offers the ability to control what frequencies CEL-FI will boost. This is handy for optimising the unit for voice or internet, to maximise the internet speed or select a band that is compatible with all phones in a vehicle or room.

The settings tab displays the following:

  • Booster Name – you can assign a name to your CEL-FI. Handy when you have multiple systems.
  • Software Version – let’s you know if you have the latest version
  • Booster Settings – control which technology is boosted (3G/4G/Auto) or which frequency (Band 3= 1800/Band 5 = 850/Band 28 = 700)




For those that consider themselves to be a tech boffin, the advanced screen is for you! It helps with setting up and optimising CEL-FI due to the fact an exact signal strength measurement can be obtained.

Useful information that can be accessed include:

  • Donor RSSI – extact measurement of incoming mobile signal
  • Downlink Center Frequency – what frequency band is being boosted
  • External Antenna in Use – if the internal or external antenna is being utilised
  • ID – ability to see nearby towers and their signal strength
  • Downlink System Gain – the output power and coverage bubble size




To assist with solving complex technical support issues a send log function is available. This will send a copy of the working log to Nextivity technical support. You can change the email address to support@powertec.com.au for local support.




Help Centre
The WAVE App features a help section to assist with common problems that you may come across.



In summing-up, the WAVE App  is a very valuable tool in setting up CEL-FI and optimising.

It is a must have when using a GO, as it enables you to control the 3G/4G/Auto button on the front of the GO when it is mounted under a car seat.

Now you are an expert you can GO and download the Android or iPhone App!

Our next article explains the differences between the two GO models and which one to use.

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