Improving the Boost and Signal


A strong and high quality signal is the first thing you can do to maximise the coverage area. It will also enable you to have fast internet speeds and high quality voice calls.

It is one of the main factors in having a good signal on your phone.

Look for the best indoor mobile signal

Move around the buidling with your mobile phone to get an idea where the strongest signal is. The signal is usually best upstairs if you have multiple floors or at a window facing the tower.

We have instructions on how to get exact signal measurements on your phone for iPhone or Android models if you wish to be extra nerdy.

Position the Network Unit

Place the Network Unit in several of these ideal areas to see which one offers the best signal on the box.

TIP: Get the raw signal strength readings from the Network unit by going to the ‘WAVE APP or nerd mode’ section.


External Antenna Option

If you want the best possible input signal use an external antenna on the roof of the building. Being higher up with less obstructions to the tower an external antenna can help dramatically if your signal is poor indoors.

See a range of antennas to suit Cel-Fi at


The system works at optimal boost, and has the largest coverage area, when the boxes can still communicate, but are far away from each other as much as possible.

The further you move them apart the larger the boost applied to the signal and the larger the coverage area will be.

The boost is represented by a 0-5 bar indicator on the coverage unit, with 5 bars being the highest.

Position Coverage Unit

Move as far away from the Network Unit as you can and plug in the Coverage Unit there. Ideally this will be in an open area where the coverage unit can disburse the signal.

You ideally want 4-5 bars on the Coverage Unit

You may need to tweak the position of both boxes to get the best setup.


Check Coverage

Walk around the areas where you require the best coverage and ensure an adequate signal level is present on your mobile phone.

TIP: Sometimes 5 bars on the coverage unit could result in the link dropping if a person or interference is present in the house. Having a 4 is recommended if the link between the boxes is sometimes dropping.