No Signal Improvement on Phone


As your phone will only indicate a signal reading of either 3G or 4G, it is important to check both on your phone, Make sure your phone is connected on 3G (not 4G/LTE) before checking the signal indicator on your phone. Then turn back on 4G to test.

Turning off 4G can be done in your phones setting. You may need to turn off your phone’s WiFi to see the 3G indicator.

See the typical 3G indicators on my giant iPhone 12 Plus.

We have instructions on how to get exact signal measurements on your phone for iPhone or Android models, if you wish to be extra nerdy.

CHECK YOUR network unit

3G/4G Connectivity
The signal indicator on the PRO will advise if 3G, 4G or 3G/4G is being boosted by the icon above the signal bars. If you are in a 3G/4G area then make sure this is displayed on the screen.

Signal Strength
We need to ensure your Network Unit (large box) has a decent signal from the network of 4 to 5 bars of both 3G and 4G.

If there is a 3G/4G icon present, then the bars represent the 4G band. So if this is the case we need to check your 3G signal strength in the special ‘WAVE APP or nerd mode’ to see what is happening.

CHECK YOUR coverage unit

Make sure your coverage unit (small box) has between 4 to 5 bars of boost on the indicator.

If you do not have these numbers then visit our section on improving the boost and signal

CHECK YOUR cel-fi model

Make sure you are using a model that supports your network:

Cel-Fi-P34-0/3/5/28xx = Telstra
Cel-Fi-P34-1/3/7/8xx = Optus or Vodafone

A carrier logo can usually be found on the back of the box or packaging box to determine if the unit supports Optus or Vodafone.