No Connection to Mobile Network


Go outside and check if you can receive a 3G and 4G signal? (you will need to turn 4G on and off to check)

Yes – check inside where you want to place the Network Unit (large box) for a mobile signal. It must be present on your phone in that spot otherwise the Network Unit will not find signal. The Network Unit requires a minimum of -104dB of 3G signal or -120dB of 4G signal to connect to the network.

No – check on the roof of the building. If you have signal up there you can install an external antenna to provide the Network Unit with signal. If a mobile signal is not present on the roof then Cel-Fi may not be suitable for your location.

Tip: We have instructions of how to get exact signal measurements on your phone for iPhone or Android models.


Ensure the screen on your Network Unit (large box) light up appears once powered up.

Next to the bars a 3G or 4G icon or both will be displayed indicating the technology you have signal for.

If the boxes display an error go to our system error section.

If there is a 3G/4G icon present, then the bars represent the 4G band. So if this is the case we need to check your 3G signal strength in the special ‘WAVE APP or nerd mode’ to see what is happening.

CHECK YOUR cel-fi model

Make sure you are using a model that supports your network:

Cel-Fi-P34-0/3/5/28xx = Telstra
Cel-Fi-P34-1/3/7/8xx = Optus or Vodafone

A carrier logo can usually be found on the back of the box or packaging box to determine if the unit supports Optus or Vodafone.